1409 About Damn Time.

I hate to just point out the stuff about this I want people to notice. I have faith that someone will though.

There were things I was going to talk about tonight, but someone went to the trouble of making me furious earlier today and I’ve completely forgotten them. I really shouldn’t even type about it because my body can’t take the vitriolic rage it stirs in me.

I can’t think of the other stuff though… It was something I wanted to ask. Oh, I remember it now!

Do any of you remember when I made the post about the soundtrack for the comic? I think it got lost in one of the server changes. At any rate it was a list of songs I associate with the various cast members, which I no longer have available.

Since there are a lot more people commenting now than back then I’d like to see if any of you have songs you associate with anyone. Just be aware that anything you post with a link in it will get sent to moderation and I’ll have to okay it manually. It may take a while depending on when I sleep. Just be patient.

I’m going to try and do one song for each cast member real quick:

Thomas – Cake – Sheep Go To Heaven
Carol – Ok Go – Get Over It
Nina – The Birthday Massacre – Kill The Lights
Jolene – Gorillaz – Melancholy Hill
Jessica – Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
Edward – “Weird Al” Yankovic – Dog Eat Dog
John – Mystery Skulls – Money
Reggie – The violin version of Country Roads from Whisper Of The Heart
Mike – Los Straightjackets – Casbah
Wes – Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies
Alexandria – Automatic 7 –Pretty In Pink
Maddison – Hatsune Miku – Leave In Summer
Bridgette – Claude Debussy – Maid With The Flaxen Hair
Evrina – My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay
Neil – Reggie Watts – Fuck Shit Stack
Victoria – Thomas Newman – Drive Away
Ending Theme – Natalie Wattre Band – Reeling
couldn’t find a decent direct link. it’s in the track list. You should buy it if you like it and tell her it was my fault. XD


First Thomas and Carol, now Ed and Nina. Corporations have anti-fraternization rules for a reason, usually learned the hard way. These things rarely end well. Fortunately for everyone involved, this is fiction … so …

You know what? I’ll just go over here and be quiet.

Yes, please, T-Ray. Go over there and be quiet. I’ll join you. We mustn’t disturb these two young folks. They have some serious love-making to take care of and we don’t want to be… interfering, yes interfering with their… “responsibilities.” We can comfort ourselves that this is, as you said, a work of fiction, and I quite believe we can rely on Jackie to see to the well being of our (soon to be very) happy couple. Besides, it isn’t that corporate romances can’t work out, it’s just that if they go bad, they can go rrrreeeeaaallll bad.

It’s true there are reasons. But those reasons may be less about those relationships working out poorly and more about how dangerous they can be to those companies if they don’t go poorly. I’ve only worked for one corporation that had a flat out anti-fraternization rule, but I found out their reason for it, and… I was amused. I would not have been, had I lost any love over the rule, but the one I was interested in didn’t work at that store, and probably not for that chain. Nobody else seemed to be losing out on love, either, at least at the store where I worked. Our store management’s take on that policy was to follow Sergeant Schultz’ lead (well, except the employees didn’t need to bribe them with food.)

Gotta love the red ears, it’s so trademark. Seriously though, everyone is dating in like a month or two. From what everyone has ever told me about retail why hasn’t this started sooner? Especially if they’re so open to breaking the rules.

Well, consider what the pivot point was – Ed showing up at the store. An old friend coming into the job shifted Thomas a bit, and Ed’s reaction to Carol’s litmus test threw her out of kilter from her usual routine. Jolene and Jessica weren’t like that before because they didn’t know Ed’s sister, but she started showing up because she knew her brother worked there. Then we’ve got Nina and Ed…I don’t think I need to explain this one.

oh and just to chime in…

Edward coming in to work after THIS comic: Happy – Pharell Williams

Great as usual Jackie!
Though you really threw me with ED’s “Dog eat Dog”, 0_0 not what I was expected.

xD Yet you made it work! Played beyond exception!

This page inspired me so much I wrote a song about it.
Never to be uploaded.
As I cannot sing…
or play instruments.

Tall woman gets thing as short man. And short man gets thing as tall woman. Actually, I’m talking about person seek person for dating.

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