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You see that title? That’s a new word for mascots having sex. I coined that. This is my greatest legacy. Usually when I come up with some weird portmanteau someone has used it already, but this one is mine. A practically useless combination of words for a situation hopefully you will never find yourself in. Unless that’s your fetish. In which case, good luck with that. How should you reward me for adding a new word to your vocabulary? Why not patreon or subscribestar? Actually, don’t answer that. I should not have phrased that as though I wanted counter arguments. That’s on me.


Mascoitus as opposed to Masscoitus — an example of the latter is what happens in Provincetown durning the summer.

Man, explaining this to normies gets hard. When the general image is seen as a fetish, it only makes things more difficult to explain when you’re trying to break down the stigma. Even moreso if said person sees furries=bestiality. Like no, it’s just a fun hobby. Similar to anime in that it’s art and media based, consumed mostly online, and has its own extreme subcultures, for better or worse. Most are normal, every day Jo’s who may pretend to be a werewolf online (or in a fuzzy suit) to let off steam or express themselves.

Would that be a subset of the whole furry culture? Like, a typical furry will wear cats ears or a tail, Somebody into Mascoitus would only have sex if his “Friend” was wearing the full mascot suit, with certain…… helpful modifications……

Is there any group of hobbyists or people with a specific interest that don’t split off into subgroups? Car and model airplane people do from personal experience. Lovecraft enthusiasts go there. Gamers have their cliques and I’ll bet crochet artists do as well. Anytime I’ve seen a group of people get together for a shared interest there seems to be somebody who uses it as an opportunity for a hookup.

I’d imagine that it would require the group to be fairly small in the first place. Everyone generally gets into their hobbies for different reasons, so as the communities grow it shouldn’t be too surprising that they start to splinter into subgroups based around which specific aspects interest people or their particular reasons for participation

which in the instance of furries I’m all for splintering, since I don’t think someone who gets turned on by fursuits and someone who likes the fursuit solely because it makes them more comfortable are necessarily gonna be compatible in the same groups

I interview cosplayers on my YouTube channel, and I’ve been trying to get someone who wears a fur suit on camera for the past few years. I want to know the motivations and find out what work goes into making a suit like that.

That would also work as a portmanteau of Mask Coitus. Either way, I like it and will use it when the circumstance arises.

…Suddenly Carol’s quip to Thomas about just wearing a collar in reference to Scooby Doo comes to mind. Can’t imagine why…

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