She’s too cute. But I didn’t know people had to practice sneaking, I thought it just came naturely.

Obviously, you were much better behaved as a kid than I was when I was a kid… and I was the good kid in my household. (However, I didn’t get credit for it, as one of my brothers had the whole ‘appearing to be an angel of light’ thing down pat.) Not that I ever got super-skilled at the sneaking part.

That said, I did apparently roll with a stupidly impressive bonus to not being noticed, so while I may not be the best at moving into position, the things I’ve managed to overhear and see by people simply not noticing I was sitting somewhere…

For some reason this comic is broken for me…
Image won’t load here, or on the tag search pages that include it.

I know this is old, but all the main characters seem to have numbers in their ears. Thomas has 4s, Carol has 6s, Nina’s got 9s, Brooksie’s got 8s, John has some 3s, and as for Ed… It looks like… a 2 with a sideways 7. However, I’m betting on 2s and the “7” part is just supposed to signify the inner ridge.

I’m not sure if this signifies something, like perhaps an order of character creation, but… Maybe it’s nothing.

There was no explosion after she said that…there’s always an explosion when -I- say that!

BTW: She is disturbingly cute…and the movie quoting just makes it stronger.

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