944 Shoot Her.

I often wonder, when coloring pages, what those colors look like to other people. If they are reading the comic on an iPad, iPhone, or Kindle Fire, I know that they are seeing the pages the way intended, because you can’t adjust the colors and whatnot, and I’ve seen it on those things. I suspect that some people have their screens set up in various ways that I would percieve as incorrect. Every so often someone will comment about Thomas & Carol having the same color of hair, or some such thing, and I’ll be like “no… they aren’t supposed to…”. Really old style monitors seem to be the worst for viewing the comic on, strangely enough. Some people err on the side of a redder tint, I think, and it skews the viewing. I can only imagine how much browner the backgrounds must seem to those people. Several people already give me funny looks over the constant blue and/or green I use for empty space. On a red tinted screen it must look really off. Then again, if the whole net looks red to you maybe it seems normal. I dunno. In any case I’ve never quite gotten my two screens to look exactly the same. At this point I think it’s because the drawscreen isn’t a brightly lit. The lookscreen is as bright as a thousand suns. By comparison at any rate. Anyway, these are the kinds of thing I wonder about at 3 in the morning when my face is sliding down my drawscreen…

Did I tell you guys I found the last Skylander? Yeah, that happened. So I’m done. At least until the new game comes out. T^T There’s a cool birdman! I’m not made of stone! Biiiiiiiiiiiirdman! I certainly how the new games are longer than the first one. There needs to be enough content to warrant having so many characters to play as. Also, I have a spare Ignitor, if anyone wants to make a deal.

Oh, also, Nintendo is releasing a new 3DS. It has bigger screens, and more memory. FUCK YOU NINTENDO! This is why I have started waiting years to buy your stuff, you dicks… Honestly, I have no business being surprised. They’ve been doing it since the Gameboy Color, and we just keep encouraging them. I may miss this one over, like the DSI XL. I used to be one of those people that had to have EVERY Nintendo handheld, but there’s just not enough difference between itterations now. That’s not to say I wouldn’t buy a DSI XL if I found one on super clearance. I had 3 Gameboy Colors at one point, when Target couldn’t give the things away. I ended up giving the other two away, because I am super nice and good. XD I actually would like to find one of the Pokemon branded ones, in good shape, just to have it for Tetris, Pokemon Pinball, and Kirby’s Pinball Land. My mom has mine because she only likes to play the original gameboy version of Tetris. Which is normal for any right thinking person. Up until the Nintendo themed DS version it was the very best version of Tetris. Anyway, it leaves a little hole in my museum of dissused Gameboys. On Ebay people are pretty fucking attatched to their fucked up Gameboys. They want a fair chunk of money for ones that look like they’ve been drug across the ground, like a cattle russler. People must be gathering them all up for chiptuning, or something, driving up the values. Or maybe people are just dicks.

My stuff is pristine by comparison. I still have boxes and inserts for most of my games. That’s not true of stuff I got after market, of course, but even then a few of them have boxes I came by one way or another. I’m going to gather up some of my oldest Gameboy games I don’t like and sell them. Over the years I ended up with several “I really need something new, anything for the love of god” games. You know, you get them for 2 or 3 bucks on clearance then play them for a few days until they finally give you a new Pokemon. Even then I still treated them with care.

I found my box of game boxes the other day. Some of my games are actually in their boxes, like Super Star Wars, or whatever version it is. I’m hoping my copy of Occarina Of Time is in its box, and not just stolen, like my original copy of Super Smash Brothers. >:| There is a chance that I have a selection of lonely boxes down there now, from years of having shitty friends.


I read your comic on three different screens… my wearable, my desktop, and my gf’s desktop (if, for instance, mine’s doing rendering or stress testing or the like…).

It looks roughly the same on all three. But I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t look like what you see when you draw it, because I tend to have blues up and I have custom scripts so your site displays green-on-black for text and the like, and my wearable decodes the speech bubbles into green-on-black also, thanks to image processing.

I’m not sure how much difference it makes to change the look of the page around the comic, but the green-on-black speechbubbles do stand out when I’m using my wearable to read your comics… it’s interesting in and of itself, I suppose.

I read on a newer monitor and a ridiculously old laptop. I know that the laptop is a different shade than the pc but it’s not noticeable on this site for me. My monitors aren’t calibrated or anything, but my pc monitor looks like what my stuff prints as at Office Max so I guess that’s about right… o_o;

I purchased a new Toshiba Excite Android tablet a month or two ago, so I should check out your pages on it. I usually read Between Failures on either my humongous 17″ HP laptop (it’s big and unwieldy enough that I seldom hold it on my lap) or the twin 19″ Dell monitors on my machine at work. I need to color-balance the Dells; the older one is sort of pinkish. I’ll have to see if I can borrow a color analyzer from someone. I think they have one in the PC lab, but all the folks I know well down there are working from home, now.

I have a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and a Nintendo DS Lite. I still wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Game Boy Advance SP, but I haven’t wanted it enough to actually search one out. I had a plain old Nintendo DS, but I traded that shoddy thing in for a discount on the DS Lite. I didn’t go for the DSi (or any of it’s iterations) because it didn’t have enough to interest me. I like the looks of the 3DS, but some instinct is telling me to wait for the next one.

I have no issue with the 3DS LL/XL and even welcome the announcement as I can get a 3DS cheaper. My issue is the fact that Nintendo didn’t include a right Circle Pad on the 3DS LL/XL when they clearly had room to do so. There is a right Circle Pad attachment for the current 3DS and were Nintendo to create one for the 3DS LL/XL, it would become just slightly smaller than a Wii.

What can I say. It’s business. (Convieniently applies to both the Author Blog and the Comic itself.)

Man, Crave, you seem to have a lot of stuff. There’s really no reason whatsoever to own every version of the DS, imho.

To be perfectly fair, Nintendo isn’t the only company that does this. There are new versions of the 360 and PS3 that come out with no change but the size of the hard drive, or a built-in HDMI port. There have also been multiple iterations of the PSP.

In my opinion, that would be a collosal waste of money and space. Game systems only become collectable after their generation. Besides, it`s not realistic for anyone to have everything by everyone. I only ever have one system of the current generation at the time, at most. What I consider my current console and handheld systems are a 15GB Arcade Xbox 360 and a first-gen DS. I bought the 360 third-hand off my little brother. I didn`t buy the DS until they released Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, which I considered a must have at the time. It also helped that the DS had just been released in electric blue. I won`t buy a new version of the DS unless they release a game for it that I consider a must-have, and I have a significant level of disposable income.

TL;DR: Trying to collect everything can only lead to an empty wallet and a home full of junk. My personal philosophy is to wait until there is a game you absolutely must have to buy a system you need for it. Then, buy older systems at garage sales and the like. I`ve even found some rarities this way. (I turned down a compact version SNES once, though, since they were asking too much, but I got Super Mario RPG from the same people.)

Yeah. But lately there’s been an influx in making the newest games only run on the newest versions. I’m not saying the’ll do that now, since the diffrence is so small. So there I agree with you. But take the DS and 3DS. I’m half blind, and 3D doesn’t work on my eyes. All I get is a headache. Yet I need to pay for the 3D function I’ll never use to play the latest games that could just as well have been released for the DS too. But as I said: It’s business. That’s just how it works.

Yeah. I haven’t been paying that much attention to new games in a while. Maybe I’m (Dare I say it?) growing up. Oh, well. I’m 25. It had to happen some time. The Wii U looks kind of cool, though.

On constant updates – Penny Arcade had a comic about George Lucas – sometime far in the future, a spray on version of the original untainted Star Wars. And the sad thing is .. heck, after 20 different “last version” of six Star Wars movies and all their many offspring and iterations – spray-on Star Wars sounds legit ..

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