“They had to get the dirt out somehow” reminds me of every WWII “digging a tunnel under a prison camp” escape I’ve ever seen in a movie. Now all they need to find is a gymnastics vault which they use to provide cover.

Can speak from experience. As long as they can identify most of the card and it’s punches, most plays will honor it and give the man his sandwhich!

So does that mean the entrance is through ANOTHER basement. WOW. That’s… I mean this all used to be one property, I suppose?

The entrance is under the hotel. They’re looking for a service tunnel.

Exactly. 40 years or so ago, I found a service tunnel under the office building where I worked as a guard. It didn’t look like anyone had been through there in the 25 years the building had stood there. And yes, it went over to the hotel.

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