What were you THINKING, risking a “free sandwich” opportunity so carelessly???!?
;) _ :) _ :P _ :D
When testing a concrete seam, I would’ve preferred using a plastic card — it’s less likely to crumple. At-the-very-least, a paper card should first be laminated, to stiffen it.

Not bad thinking, but a credit card is significantly thicker than card stock paper and even lamination adds some thickness. If a naked piece of cardstock got stuck, nothing else in a wallet would work. They may need a razor blade, or an ultrasound.

That’s a good point, & it’s probably why it wasn’t used in-comic.
The only other wallet-item that I think might do a better job would be a NYC-Transit “Subway/Bus”-card. A standard credit-card is at-least 2-or-3 times thicker. Problem is, they’re unlikely to have one handy, out there in Middle America.

lol. glad they didn’t use my coffee bag punch card, I’m one purchase away from a free bag of coffee. I do have about 20 loose coffee cup cards with a single punch each. Which reminds me, I’ll be going that way today, I should gather up 10 punches and get a free coffee :)

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch”,…
Especially, when a secret, James Bond basement grabs your lunch-card!
The basement, bad guy, Elf on a shelf, is against you, Reggie’s Dad! :D

Woo back in the top 100, #89… we can do better… WE WILL do better, I’m sharing this comic on Facebook and Twitter… Must get this comic the love it deserves!!!!

What a great punchline! (seriously, I am *days* late and completely shocked that no one else has done this one)(or mebbe ’tain’t that funny, dunno)

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