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If you’re a patron you will have had an opportunity to see one version of the previous page with a double punchline that I scrapped for that page, but then expanded into an entire page, which is the one you have, in all likelihood, just read. I have a general outline of where I’m going with the story with key points mapped out. The actual words & ways I get to those points I make up on the fly. So there’s sort of a predestined outcome waiting for all the characters in some way or another. Of course I sometimes change key story points on the fly too. It’s important not to get too married to things in case better ideas present themselves. Since I hold to an update schedule I don’t have the luxury of going over things, time & again, until it’s a perfect product free of error. Aiming for perfection is good, but going on with your life when you miss is how you actually get something done I have found.


free advice… avoid apartments with carpet. there be nightmares under the fabric. lol

We removed tgd carpets in tge house we bought about 40 years ago, because really cleaning them was, well, difficult, and the floors underneath were in far better shape. My wife started sneezing when I carried out the carpet from one upstairs room. The former owners room had once kept pet rabbits tgere; she was violently allergic to rabbit.

Anecdote: At Tufts medical centre, she had been involved with immunological experiments on rabbits. She had to wear something like a hasmat suit simply because of her rabbit allergy when she did this. One time she had to transport a rabbit (in a cage) to another part of the buildIng. Wearing her protective suit of course. When people saw her coming, they scattered out of the way fast.

Lol. Cuteness Bomb Disposal Unit.

you laugh but cuteness is a contagious disease with very few know cures…

prolonged exposure can be hazardous to mental health. I prescribe the metallica black album or any music that gets your heart rate above 175bpm and requires loud speakers…

“Since I hold to an update schedule I don’t have the luxury of going over things, time & again, until it’s a perfect product free of error.”

Yeah, I think that “luxury” is actually sort of a bane to many artists. Because nothing is perfect and you’ll always be thinking “Wait, I should tweak this…” until the bombs fall. Not to say rushing can’t be bad, clearly it can be, but having a schedule and a time limit helps you focus while also ensuring you are mentally working on future updates as well. One of my favorite YouTubers (an absolute nobody you’ve never heard of) has good nuggets of wisdom that seems obvious in hindsight, and one was “boundaries keep people grounded”. Stay grounded.

At some point, if you intend to do anything, you have to accept imperfection & just do the thing.

As every writer/creator knows: no project is ever “done”. It just reaches a point where further polishing is either not an effective use of your time, or will cause you to miss deadline.

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