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I actually had this page ready to go well ahead of time & then everyone else was running behind & slowly made me late to post by dragging me down into their lateness. Isn’t that irritating? When you’re on the ball for a change and the world conspires to screw you up? Anyway it’s not like I’m late as such, but I intended to have this all posted and ready so I wouldn’t have ot be sitting here at 10PM typing out a post or formatting the page. It is what it is though.


I can relate with others dragging me down to their lateness. I get this all the time from my dad. But, to be fair, he IS 78 years old and is getting there in his age if not already.

But I also had friends and ex-friends who deliberately took their time on menial tasks for no other reason than to satisfy their own personal time despite knowing that it would be testing my patience. It’s one thing if they had a mental illness but it’s another thing entirely if they were doing it just to be selfish.

Looking out for John I see, that’s our Nina. She doesn’t care if she makes a sale.

It’s not like she works on Commission. This is retail. She makes minimum hourly wage just to operate her station. She doesn’t make more money for more work. She has no incentive to work harder. Welcome to Retail.

If a department doesn’t make sales the company fails, but the biggest failure is a company that can’t find ways to get their employees invested in the success of the organization.

It’s like that with colleges, too. If your alumni aren’t helping the endowment, you raise the price, then no one can afford to send their kids to mom or dad’s “alma mater.” If you haven’t inspired the alums, you are going down, hard. So many think it’s about making more money, and at some point they forget that without a society, there’s no one left to buy your product.

I’m a FIRM believer that sales & satisfaction must ALWAYS go hand in hand. Even though businesses exist for the sole purpose of making money, it’s foolish to segregate them solely to that creed. Human beings are not money dispensing machines. People want to be satisfied with the product and service received in order to build FURTHER trust and perpetuate patronage to the same business in the future. Any businessman that doesn’t understand this has no business being in business.

I once was in the mood for a change-
A good friend of mine asked me to join in a small store he just started.
It was a computer store. The two of us, + another guy were going to own it + run it.
I didn’t think I’d do well, in that place, so I turned him down.

Years later, I asked him about the store, + he said- “That small thing?…It never went anywhere.”
Who knew?

Nice. That means you got it all out early, did 100% of your job to your liking, now just need better circumstances. Keep it up.

I gather that other webcomickers even write and draw in advance, feed the strips in at one end and the system drops them out the other on schedule. I don’t know HOW this is done, of course.

I don’t comment often, but I just want to point out how different Nina’s countenance is when talking about reading. She’s already bubbly and outgoing but when there’s literary discussion her entire visage seems to change. Jackie, your characters live, and I appreciate the effort you put into giving them life.

I dunno about this stuff. I mean some days it’s like “being alive” has it in for me. In the shower, drop he soap three times. Normally, not once a month. Then get out and get a vitamins stuck in your throat and gag. Then start to write a letter (gimme a break, I’m old.) and the pen runs out of ink on the first line. You go to make lunch and someone finished off the cheese. All the cheese. As in not even a Kraft Single left.
Other days everything works. And works smoothly. But some days, it just seems like not only people but the ‘Things’ are out to get me…. today it’s running smoothly.

It’s usually things with me.I’m reluctant to have a cross word with anyone, but when things don’t cooperate, I’m liable to cuss a blue streak and start throwing things. It’s like my reserve of patience has been drained and hasn’t refilled.

Yeah, bad days really stink. :(

To paraphrase an English saying:

“Just when you think all is well, a monster piddles in your beer.”

(My apologies to all of those, who don’t like blue humor.)

I am a huge fan of audiobooks. Granted, I enjoy reading as well, but I find that I rarely have time to sit down and read anymore. I love being able to just listen to the story play while I’m doing something else, it helps to let the story wash over me and meakes it easier to enjoy. They’re often expensive, but In my opinion, it’s worth it.

Ditto. I got through a LOT of Dickens one summer by listening to the books while I mowed the lawn. Mowing the lawn is a LOT more pleasant an activity when you’ve got a good book to listen to, and an MP3 player along with a good set of soundproof headphones makes the combination more likely than you’d think.

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