“I’m tired and I’m trying” is an excellent description of a life well lived, honestly.

Who can ask more than that, in the end? I FACED my demons down and FOUGHT them all! I got up at CAN and I went until CAN’T!

Lot of people would do well to have “I’m tired and I’m trying” as an epitaph.

You must be worn out if you had to reuse the first panel from the last comic for the last panel in this comic. Take all the time you need to rest up. Hell, I doubt anyone would complain if you took a week off to get the rest you need.

Of course, Maleficent was never a Princess. Elsa was. Ursula was never a princess either. Sounds a little mean to, seeing as Ursula was an ugly fat octopus :p

And Elsa is just <3


Don’t forget to vote comrades!

Also the obvious answer to what disney princess is Kida from Atlantis. Sweet fantasy tech, badass tribal warrior, not to mention with that stone I’d live for hundreds of years and be in my prime for most of them.

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