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Ya boi is real sleepy. I’m sitting here trying to think if I had anything I wanted to say & all I want is to lay down. It’s kind of weird for me to feel sleepy. Usually it goes from wide awake to you need to sleep this exact second with no sleepy period anymore.

I messed up my wrist on my drawing hand yesterday, but it was that kind of hurt where it doesn’t hurt at the time. It hurts later on. I knew that was the kind it was gonna be when my hand sitting at a funny angle before I popped it back in to place, but it felt more or less fine, just… kind of unseated. The side is kind of swollen and makes a popping noise now, but it’s not so painful that I can’t hold a stylus, or move it to draw. So, I got lucky apparently. Gonna have to be more careful in the future though.


Take a break from drawing BEFORE your wrist gets so bad that you can’t draw. My wrist did what you describe while I was knitting a couple of years ago and I didn’t stop. Next thing I knew I couldn’t even lift my drink with that hand. I had to wear a brace for a couple of weeks and do everything with my off hand for a couple of months. And I still can’t knit for as long as I used to as often as I used to.

You really should take at least a couple of days off to rest your wrist now so that it doesn’t become a larger problem later. I’m sure all your readers will understand.

I very berry much super double dog cat EXHORT Wannabe_elf’s comment.

If you’re going to tough it out with something that is critical to your profession, I’ll add to the unsolicited advice to get specialist medical evaluation asap.

Or at the very, very least hedge your proud bet with two drawing hands?

Nag nag naaaag nag nagnagnag either or logical fallacy nag

I toughed it out, now I have to deal with permanent consequences that could have been avoided had gotten competent intervention sooner.

Repetitive motion injuries, ya gotta love’m. Or not. I’ve been running a mouse with my left hand for the better part of a decade now even though I’m nominally right handed.

I type thousands of words a day. I have wrist braces for both hands. I believe it’s helped.

I hear ya, one side of me wishes they’d hurry up and get the “speech —>text” working well. The other side of me is scared as hell they’ll do just that!

Left handed mousing for ages because tingles in arm and weakness. Then I got a track-ball mouse. OMG, problems solved. Nothing beats a stylus for getting things right tho’.

I’m slowly becoming mouse-ambidextrous. Without telling my system to invert the button order. Still, I wish I had a middle mouse button *and* a scroll wheel. I hate having is scroll when I intend a click.

Not gonna lie, “Are you just showing off for the boss?” made me expect Mike in the next panel.

John’s not a bossy boss, but then again in a store (any workplace, really) of that size treating coworkers with respect is important simply for daily life.

I’ve been places big enough you could accomplish your work and not have to interface with jerks. Megatainment isn’t big enough to do that.

Having to call the customers, your “guests”.
How fake can you be?
It’s like you think that the customer is just eating at your superbowl party!
Bazz fazz!

Yup, Nina continues to be my favorite. Just wondering if and when someone (most likely Thomas) will (not really) ruin this beautiful moment of friendship.

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