Well with advancements in the concept of gender by the LGBT community who knows how much longer gender has xD

There is grammatical gender (mostly absent in English), there is social gender, and then there is reproductive gender, I mean, sex. One of those is not going away soon.

No, no. You’ve got it all wrong. According to my research, “gender” and “sex” are now two different things. One is biological (and therefore malleable), and the other is emotional (and therefore HIGHLY malleable). Any suggestion that the two words have EVER referred to the same thing is bigoted, sexist, and indicative of your White Privilege (whatever your skin color may be).

Gender and sex used to be different. Gender was grammatical; sex was biological. In Dutch, for example, the word ‘meisje’, meaning little girl, i neuter, but no one there doubts that little girls are female.

Then people started to use the word ‘gender’ to mean ‘sex’ (as if ‘sex’ needed to be replaced by a euphemism) and all the confusion started. Now we have two words for three concepts.

I can sort of commiserate, Jackie.
I’m still sort of tired, from a recent snowfall.
I had to drive a friend around, the day after. We got bout 3 inches of snow.
We were OK driving, but he always acted like we were going to get into a fender bender, or something.
His worrying was kind of contagious. :)

Just because you don’t Name it doesn’t mean it doesn’t Exist. Gender has always been an individual thing. There is a rainbow out there even if you only have a name for the two most popular colors. There’s still the whole spectrum.
And there’s still ghosts even if very few people have seen one.
And there’s still unicorns,… wait! Ok, no unicorns, but the womens, they exist, lots of those! Yes, Please.
Your mileage may vary, feel free to customize your life.

Hmm… I have no Nina-equivalents in my life. Nearly every person I associate with on a regular basis, from coworkers, patients, my roommate, etc… virtually every person outside my family I know by name and am likely to cross paths/have even a causal conversation with, more than once every 3 months or so… is male.

Do I know for sure women exist? If I lose faith in them completely, will they all disappear like phantoms in my mind?
Clap your hands, clap your hands!

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