1052 Ninjo.

My pin number is 4 digits. My inability to remember them, or their order, dissapoints me.

I have a splitting headache. One of those ones that makes you want to throw up. My body has nothing to work with, but now that it’s got the idea it’s trying desperately to find a way to make it happen. I’m on the point of trying to eat something just so it can have its way. One of the biggest problems with the human body is that it can tell you that something is worng, but not give you solutions. I guess that’s a problem for most animals really. Anyway, it’s kind of like:
“Yes, and?”
“Do you know how to fix it?”
“So, what should I do?”
“But I want to barf, how can I eat a twig?”



“From the shadows a Kunoichi sees many things.”

The term “Kunoichi” takes into account her being a woman, the term “Ninjo” takes into account the fact that her name is Joe (Ninjo=Ninja+Joe, assumming we subtract the “a” and “e” from “Ninja” and “Joe” respectively to keep the final word the same number of letters). At first I thought it was a typo ’till I remembered her name was “Joe” as well as “Jolene”, “Brooks”, and “Brooksie”. So yeah, that made me feel smart (sarcasm, in case there was any question).

PS: If you want this message to seem really irritating, re-read it and imagine I’m making “air-quotes” with my fingers like Dr. Evil everytime you see quotation marks. And yes, I put the quotation marks around “air-quottes” just to add to this effect!

Correction, the contraction of her first name is spelled “Jo” without the “e” on the end. Now I feel like a damned genius.

Although, shouldn’t it then be “THE” NinJo? I can’t conceive of there being more than one….

Didn’t think of that. While it’s possible, I’d say there being someone named Jo with anything close to her ninja skills and personality would be a stark improbability. I would definately agree that, in Brooksie’s case, her mold was not merely broken but rather completely obliterated from existance. After all, could you imagine what havoc an army of them could wreak?

Question, was that meant to be subtle? Or was that just subconscious?

If you know not what I speak of, I will assume the latter…

You will explain what you’re talking about when the next comic goes up, right? I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I am not sure what you’re talking about. The closest thing I can come up with is a reference to Steve Oedekerk’s “Thumb Wars”.

I tend to just remember an algorithm to for my pin numbers, or find some relevant connection between the numbers or grouping of numbers. 3066 would be rather easy to see a connection for, even if one doesn’t go with anything related to the fact that all combinations of that pin is something that can be easily divided by three.

The best way to remember pin numbers is to either convert them to words according to the letter-number correspondence thingy that’s on phones (you know, 2=ABC, 3=DEF etc.) Another way is memorizing the shape the number makes when you enter it on the numpad, for example 1397 makes a nice square, 9461 makes a sort of lightning shape, and so on.

For some reason I tend to remember a lot of people’s phone numbers by the geometric pattern they make when I dial. I’ve sometime had someone ask me for a phone number and I have to run my fingers through the pattern and then convert that back to a number sequence. Proof positive that I’m weirder than the average bear… (archaic Yogi allusion)

Nah that’s not weird at all… lot of people I know use the same method to remember their ATM card pin numbers…

Heh heh heh. ^_^ Your brain hates you. It’s okay. Sometimes mine thinks the world is so bright that it’s going to kill me. It also has some kind of conspiracy going with my inner ear to make me dizzy every few months for no discernible reason. Pretty sure I’ve finally figured that one out but it still took me over 15 years and it varies. Sometimes it’s salt, sometimes it’s sugar, but almost every time it’s water. I get dehydrated like crazy.

I have yet to experience a migraine at 34 years old. However, my sinuses can really put the hurting on me if I’m not being nice to my body. I’m becoming old enough that if I don’t include vegetables in my diet, my body begins to really bicker at me. I’ve started experimenting with kale, various kinds of greens, and several kinds of beans. I eat out MUCH less than I used to. My body is much happier with me for this. However, I don’t have a dishwasher. My hours in the day are less happy for all the dishes I have to wash by hand.

Also, I don’t watch TV, work on the computer, or play games anymore if my TV or monitor is the only source of light in the room. I ALWAYS have another light on now. Too many years of eyestrain. I don’t want to keep doing that to myself.

I don’t think I understand what a migraine is. Sometimes I get what I call a migraine from coughing or laughing too hard. Worst ones last maybe 45 seconds. Seen those ads that say,”for most people, Twip(TM)(or whatever it is) can start to work on a migraine in 30 minutes or less!”? If my “migraines” lasted 30 minutes, I would welcome arsenic or a bullet.

There are however answers that get you thrown through the window of a highrise meting room in an office building, Idiocy should always be punished with a 70 story drop onto pavement

My pin is something I remember by the position of the keys and the way I type it in (L, V). If anyone ever decides to universally change the way keypads are set up, I’m screwed!

I used to have this issue a lot., when I go to input a number on a keypad (like a phone, with 1 in the top-left) and only know it via 10-key (7 in the top-left…) One of the many memory things my wearable helps me with.

I have a really good head for numbers, I can remember all my PINs I’ve had over the years. Admittedly my current one was the first one I actually got to choose myself so it’s something I would never be able to forget even if I actually made an effort to.

>My pin number is 4 digits. My inability to remember them, or their order, dissapoints me.
>My pin number is 4 digits.
>My pin number
>pin number

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