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Well, here’s the first page I made with the new Surface. If it seems a little off it’s because I’m still sorting out the settings. By some insane coincidence CSP updated around the same time I got the new computer, so it’s two levels of sorting out changes. I still haven’t figured out how the fix the settings for the keyboard/pen. It won’t select a text field properly, which I’m sure I fixed before, but cant remember how. Anyway, it’s a lot faster & doesn’t get hot after doing anything so far.


I’ve been playing a lot of Warframe, and in one of their larger updates recently, they introduced an NPC group known as the “Ventkids.” Orphans living in the air ducts of a colony on terraformed Venus.

One of the ideas they have is the “Logical Fam.” You get no say in your bio-logical family, but with no mumsie-dadsie left, you gotta pick a crew who’ll be your logical fam.

Jo seems logical, yeah?

Genetics puts the bio in biological. Lacking bio, logical is the logical thing left, you know, “No Kid Left Behind?” and all that stuff. It takes a family to raise a kid,.. And not have society start falling apart. …worse, I mean falling apart worse.

Honestly Art looks great! All I can really notice is that Victoria is missing her make-up.

Just wanted to say, this has been consistently my favorite comic for the last 7 or 8 years, and I’m glad that you continue to make it.

Thanks Jackie!

She actually looks really nice without the makeup. Not that I’d want her to change it, it’s part of her personality.

It has somehow taken me until this strip to realise that darling Jo is heterochromic … either that or I noticed before and then forgot.

It was mentioned and discussed at a story point a while back [for varying values of while] as well as that white[?] streak in her hair.
At the moment I can’t remember with whom she was explaining why she dyed her hair and wore colour contacts.

I thought jo was bi not gay.

One could argue that bisexuality is, as Jo says above, “kinda gay.” Or at least a kind of gay?
Either way, in her mom’s eyes, it’s not heterosexual, thus…

Victoria is super cool. 10x cooler than Reggie, who is definitely rising on the coolness scale.

Still no comparison to the main cast, but totally getting there.

yea now i just want to go kick someones ass. there are plenty of reasons to disown your kids (being a GIANT asshole like I am my parents disowned me a few times or came damn close to it) But being gay/bi… that’s just bullshit.

Any parent that disowns their child for their sexual preference has failed themselves as a parent in my view. It’s pretty much saying “I value my beliefs over my child”.

I think that in the more conservative or traditional view, having a non-hetero sexual preference child used to make the parent feel that they failed as a parent, which tended to lead to such extreme reactions. It’s sad, but I’ve heard too many stories like that. “What did I do wrong as a parent?” was a fairly common reaction.

As for the beliefs issue, that which individuals have done in support of their beliefs… well, it’s a big reason we have screwed up stuff happening throughout history…

This is just my opinion-
I was kind of spooked by the friends that I had,…in the past, that [individually] put together, or chose, people to become their [unofficial], new family.

I understand…as much as I can, how some people really don’t like the parents, + brothers, + sisters, + siblings, that they grew up with,…but I’m not very comfortable with how some of my past friends “chose” a new family.
I guess I think, that choosing a close group of friends, + using them for your emotional support-people, instead of a rocky group of biological family members, is OK with me.
I just feel that someone naming a group of his, her, or their, friends, as- “my chosen family” can lead to that person making a lot of confusing ideas for him or herself, or themselves.
I guess the phrases of, [my support group], or [my close friends], work a lot better for me.

You were lucky enough not to have to build a family from scratch. Not everyone is.

Sorry, Dude.

No offense meant.
I just had my own, unpleasant experience.

I lost one of my best friends, over 10 years ago.

I told an acquaintance of mine that I lost this very, good friend, + she strangely seemed to [do a my-loss-is-bigger-than-YOURS-contest…with me], by saying:
“You lost him? Yeah, that hurts. But I hurt MORE, since he was a member of my [chosen] family!”

To me, that was an a**hole thing for her to say.
Regardless, I think my experience with the [topic of chosen-families/a chosen family], is probably not a regular one.
Most people probably have good experiences with chosen-families, + behave well about these families.
No offense intended.

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