2060 Get A Haunted Room.

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John may be okay with Thomas pursuing Carol, from his perspective, but he isn’t into watching their flirting. I, however, find it cute. It’s something I can’t do IRL. The words come to me, but I won’t say them. Just another way I am a coward. I can’t remember what they call the things John is handing Thomas. Many of the names of things I used to know about ghost hunting lore have left my brain, but I know they exist.


I don’t find flirting or PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) to be offensive per se, but my lack of engaging in such wonderful activities has left me a sad, angry man. So when I do see it, I feel a combination of wanting to mourn and to scream in wrath and despair.

Most of the time, however, I do sport a half cocked grin and think of how lucky those people are, but such virtuous logic can only console me so much.

What a fool believes, he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems to be is always better than nothing
…there’s nothing at all

Pick a room and make out with some ghosts already!

The last time I tried that I got a restraining order from the afterlife. I think I’m now only welcome in Zoroastrian heaven. :D

When you get a restraining order that says, “you must stay away from [fill in the blank with some ghost’s name], for the next 500 years…now THAT’S just MEAN! :D

I’m not a fan of how much of a pedestal Thomas puts Carol on. He’s constantly showering her with outlandish compliments. They start to lose their meaning if it’s all he ever says, plus it feels like she’s being de-humanized in Thomas’ eyes because he sees her more are some kind of deific figure rather than a person.

Yeah, he should slap her around a little so she remembers where her place is.

Don’t think that is Carol’s fetish. lol

You bet.
I think Carol’s not into the Sean – Connery -in-the-1970s-type of dominatrix.

A dominatrix is female. You presumably mean dominator. Or has the language changed again when I glanced away?

After looking it up, I think you’re quite right. :)

A magazine article described Michael Keaton’s, black-toned batman suit, of the 1980s, as a dominatrix’s suit.
I was misled!

Curses on thee…Time magazine!

Being fair, we only get to see a small part of their time together.

Additionally, they are early on in their romance, so it’s very common when you’re completely smitten to be overly generous with the compliments, especially if you’re the romantic type. I don’t think Thomas is doing anything wrong, and I certainly don’t think Carol’s ego is overinflated from his praise, especially given her pragmatic personality. There’s a difference between appreciation and adulation, and this is not the latter despite appearances.

Some relationship advice I’ve heard is ‘compliment her even if you’re not feeling it at the moment’. I don’t necessarily agree, but its something that works for some people.

As far as I know- Carol + Thomas have already “taken each other’s equipment”.
Or at least, they have used each other’s equipment for awhile.

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