When I was working with a bunch of 20 year-olds, they were very dumb and immature. And drank too much.
When I was working with a bunch of 30 year-olds, they were too consumed with families, babies, sex and family roles.
When I was working with a bunch of 50 year-olds, they were all worried about sports cars, wife swapping, and getting too old for fun.
It doesn’t matter what you do, there are stereotypes and there will seem to be a lot of matches. And many exceptions.
Good strip Jackie, it made me think, instead of panic about DC. (The City, not the printers)

As part of my computer degree, I had to take accounting. I figured “how hard can it be? It’s only two decimal places!” Between the professor’s attitude of “do what I teach you exactly the way I say, or thousands of years of civilization will crumble around you and cease to exist,” and the way I could never get two columns of the same numbers arranged differently to come out equal, well, let’s just say that I’m self-taught in computers…

I respect the ones who made it all the way through accounting in college. It would have driven me absolutely, psychotically (in a pathological murderer kind of way), insane.

The mathematics of accounting is straightforward. The vastly varied ways people use and abuse wealth are not, so the rules used to reduce them to an understanding of what’s really going on are not simple either.

Don’t the vast majority of accounting jobs not involve fitting in with other accountants? Almost every company I’ve worked for has had one accountant.

This reminds me of an old accounting joke (which is very much frowned upon and no way would this *ever* be the standard in how this works today…)

At company, three men are sitting in a waiting room to be interviewed for an accounting position. The CFO walks out and goes up to the first man:

CFO: “What’s 2+2?”
1st Candidate: “4”
CFO goes to the second candidate.
CFO: “What’s 2+2?”
2nd Candidate: “4”
CFO goes up to the third candidate.
CFO: “What’s 2+2?”
3rd Candidate: “Whatever you want it to equal”
CFO: “You’re hired!”

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