1989 Tire Fire.

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Now we must return to the less fun world of the store. Honestly, I wish I was faster at art because I miss characters more & more the longer I go without drawing their parts of the story. Adding 4 new fictional characters into a fictional layer of the comic only added to this issue. XD

I numbered this page incorrectly & almost ruined an older page by saving over it, but luckily I had a backup saved. I need to set an alarm to remind myself to backup the comic files once a week at least. The surface doesn’t have a lot of internal memory so I have to save to an external drive. It also only has… a single USB 2 port. it might be USB 3. In any case it takes a long time to save a lot of data & I have to unhook the fan I use to keep it from overheating. I still haven’t replaced the Surface, obviously. I keep hoping that they’ll announce a version with the USB port upgraded to C but I may just have to accept that I may not be able to wait it out. This one has started chugging a little when it’s running background stuff. Just enough to be slightly disruptive, which worries me a little.
You can get a Surface with a terabyte of memory now, which is more than enough to hold the entire library of pages. So I could have it stored on the computer, on a removeable memory card, and on an external drive. Many many layers of safety.


If it would make your life easier, I personally would be fine with Wes accidentally dying. He reminds me of an old co-worker. In other news every other aspect of this comic is excellent.

Isnt it Thomas’s fault Wes is pissing people off when he got Wes worked up earlier and Reggie told him not too.

sorry crave, I’m gonna be “that guy” this time, first frame, customer has a t in it, unless thomas is speaking in an odd accent

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