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Since I quit playing Overwatch for good I finally broke out South Park The Stick Of Truth. I already played it, but the old disc got wandered off with, so I got the version of Shattered But Whole that came with the download of SOT so I could play it again. I really like the mechanics of SOT. If they ported them to another game that was serious it would work just as well. I really like that they made the game with so much care. There’s some kind of weird Ubisoft club the game keeps trying to get me to join, but fuck that noise. Anyway, I’m gonna get the all friends achievement and all the chimpokomon this time. Because you have to do one to get the other. I’m not a game achievement guy but to get all the ability perks you have to get all the friends and not doing that really bugged me the first time I played. I just wanted to play the old game again before playing Shattered But Whole since they take place on consecutive days. I made my character look like Thomas since they have the perfect options to make him a south park kid.

After the Hollow Knight debacle I started looking for other platforming games that don’t have ridiculous difficulty spikes in the end game, or stick the best endings behind skill walls. Salt & Sanctuary came up as a suggestion. I thought it looked cool and spooky. Owl Boy was suggested too, and Celeste. I think all of those are on the Switch, which is perfect since I can play them in whatever mode I want. Anyway, if you have any game suggestions I’m all ears. The only condition is I don’t want to come up against a bunch of bullshit spike avoiding nonsense at the end that requires a million tries. I don’t have time for that shit. Mega Man level spike encountering is fine, but no “every wall has instant death spikes on it”. I game to enjoy myself and not be frustrated. Not anymore at any rate.

I bought a used copy of SimCity DS, even though it’s not exactly what I wanted to play. For five bucks it’s probably close enough to make me not want to play the SNES version, which I can’t find the parts for at the moment. I went looking but the storage space has been moved around. I really wish I had bought it for the Wii before they lost the license now though.


lol whole building is haunted af

for Jackie: I’ve been hearing good things about Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, including that there’s a transgender option (you can play as Wonder Girl, and there’s been quite a few digs that it’s obviously the same character) You can find it on Steam, and can choose to play it in 8-bit mario mode. I’m hoping to be able to afford it soon.

while we’re at it, gotta play half minute hero, it’s not that hard and it’s fun to boot
(just gotta be able to overlook the ultra pixelated graphics)

ok this is goign too far who cares about transgenderism in video games our society is going too far with this crap. i say enough’s enough go back to the good old days of yor for video games, if transgenderisim is your thing thats fine, but honestly i just want video games to go back to the way they were before this politically correct activisim crap started poluting them.

How dare there even be joke options in video games where someone is trans.

Yeah, things were better when queers were ignored regarding representation in media and entertainment. Modern entertainment was better when it was exclusive and refused to acknowledge anyone on the spectrum as being a potential consumer.

Oh no, wait, that was repressive, horrible, and alienating what the fuck are you going on about?

He’s on about the concept that, if you push your kink on others, there’s a point where they start to push back. If I like, say, straitjackets, and insist that everybody else wear one, too, pretty soon people will think I’m a nut-bar and not take me seriously any more. The tail doesn’t wag the dog, so if you’re between 1 and 3 percent of the population, you shouldn’t expect the other 97 to 99 percent to follow suit, and trying to force it on them will produce a backlash. Just be who you are, and let others be who they are.

“Also, the boiler is faulty, and I have to vent it every so often…”

I don’t recognize the source of this and not knowing makes me curious.

Think it might be a Shining reference.

Yeah – I couldn’t really think of anything from the movie that worked, although in retrospect, “also, there’s a photo from the twenties with someone who looks just like me” would probably have been a better joke.

(In the novel, part of the reason the hotel needs a caretaker is a faulty boiler, and neglecting it is what ultimately kills Jack.)

Ever been snowed in for three days with two smokers who run out of cigarettes? Ever watched the Shining? When the dozer comes through and pulls out your 4×4 you will brave the drifts and drive the 20 miles to town and buy cigarettes-when you don’t smoke.

I really like Rulette. I speak to people in a similar manner and like anyone I have some stories where fact is less believable than fiction. =D

Salt and Sanctuary is even more in the Dark Souls category than Hollow Knight. Celeste is nothing BUT spike avoidance. Owl Boy is fantastic though. You could also pick up the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. Only get Collection 1 though. Collection 2 is 75% awful. You could also look into Bloodstained: Curse of the moon. It’s basically Castlevania 3. Additionally, The Messenger is basically a more modern take on the original Ninja Gaiden games.

I do not like the games with High difficulty either but there are some platformer games out there that are challenging enough to keep me going despite the learning curve.

On the Megaman spikes level is a neat one for Switch, Steam and others called Dead Cells. very colorful, great replay-ability.

Also super colorful and great story (I’m seeing a trend in my games here) Outland which at first has a challenging ‘polarity-color-swap’ game that normally i dont like. but the controls are so tight and the story is so good I ignored it and enjoyed the hell out of the game.

I really don’t recommend Salt and Sanctuary, nor its contemporary equivalent, Dead Cells. Both games have a boner for “Hard for the Sake of Hard”, where the core enemy to enemy combat is fun and fluid (particularly Dead Cells’) but every single boss is a war of attrition with a large and fast HP sponge that takes 10+ minutes to whittle down. Hell, you can’t even grind to make it easier in Dead Cells, since the bosses scale with you. It was honestly disappointing to me, as someone who greatly enjoyed Dark Souls (aside from the Ringed City… yeesh, HP Sponge central).

Oh man, you went with the SimCity DS version instead of playing the SNES version via browser emulator? You inspired me last weekend to try to build a Megalopolis, which I couldn’t do as a kid no matter how hard I tried, but also do it on Hard mode. Ate about a day and a third when I definitely should have been doing other things.

What is really interesting about the SNES version is just how abusable zone stacking is, and later SimCities completely removed the system that used it. Probably for the better though. Also, minor disasters (plane crash or fire) were way easier to not utterly wreck you, but nuclear meltdowns on non-easy mode were a looming threat.

I still recall trying a flight simulator once (can’t remember the name of it) in which i was able to crash and burn due to a fuel problem. With a non-powered Hang-glider. No fuel. no way to burn up. how? just how?

Some days you want to challenge yourself, by soloing a group boss in an MMO, just keep grinding at it until you run out of revives, or manage to kill it by the skin of your teeth (cutting your best time on a platformer level works too). These days are getting rarer the older I get, most of the time, if i game at all, I just want some mind-numbing nonevent, like fishing in an adventure game.

For platformer suggestions, and in particular platformers you can load up on the Switch, I can recommend 20XX. It’s an MMX style platformer with roguelite mechanics (random item pool that you extend between runs, randomized level layouts–bosses are fixed), with decently tweakable difficulty options (it’s a rare Normal mode run that ends in death for me, but the wrong set of challenge options, like spikes being deadly instead of damaging, and I’m probably only getting a few levels in). 2P coop, local or online for PC and I think that’s also the case for Switch, or Switch might be local only, not sure.

Chasm is another game in that vein that I’ve been having fun with, that released just recently. They intend to port to Switch, but haven’t yet. Metroidvania style platformer with randomized room layouts between playthroughs (set pieces serve as anchors, though). I have heard it’s been getting lukewarm reception more generally, though, and I probably have a lot of positive bias on it given I backed the Kickstarter, but if it has you curious, I’d look into it.

I know it probably won’t be too much help, but if you go for a spell build in hollow knight and collect all the soul vessels and spell upgrades, most bosses should roll over with a few tries or a little luck. It’s the only way I got past the watcher knights.

Also have you tried shovel knight? I got it at about the same time I got hollow knight and I love them both. Plus shovel knight is getting a new campaign soon, King of Cards.

Kind of a different suggestion, but who knows. I am a story driven guy, I love games like Fallout 4, Skyrim, stuff with a story, play the crap out of them, explore all the story options. But I recently started playing No Man’s Sky after the Next expansion, and I am completely hooked, like I haven’t been with a game for a long time. There are story lines you can follow, or you can just wander around and do your own thing if you are so inclined. I am constantly getting sidetracked, then getting sidetracked from that, going for hours before I remember what I was planning on doing. Is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

Kind of reminds me of the part in ‘Saturn’s Race’ where a group of students ask the transgenic cyborg shark what the meaning of life is and it responds by saying “keep moving or you sink.”

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