Huh, I’ve seen Reggie be a complete jerk, but I never thought he’d stoop to violince …

That being said, he really should stop stringing Maddy along, she isn’t going to take well to playing second fiddle to Alex.

I will bow to your punitude but remember if you go too far, it only leads to treble.

What do you base this assertion upon?
Without some solid support it seems alto much like hairsay.

Wonder what other instuments Reggie plays.

Random dude: How about you do something better than working at this store?
Reggie: Well, I actually play a few instruments

Not that hard really

I actually like that we occasionally find out random tidbits of the characters, even this deep into the story. Sure, if it were a huge thing that became a major plot point, that might feel like a late-game retcon or something like that. But when it’s just minor details that further flesh out the character, it’s more like “oh that’s interesting”. Just like you get to know someone in real life by interacting with them, so too is that mirrored in-comic.

Agreed. More excellent character development for our…friend might be too strong a word….acquaintance we don’t hate anymore? Reggie. Never would’ve pegged him as a musician. Hidden talents and depths. Excellent work

Art, in general, appears to be bad for bringing in money. I’m not sure why that is.

a) The era of rich patrons sponsoring artists is largely dead.

b) Lots of competition drives down prices.

As long as the conglomerates don’t ruin it we have busking on the world stage.
Only a shilling sir. Multiplied by a few hundred or more and you have your artistic patron right there.
Though it is an actual audience in this case.

Speaking as one who has plied the trade of Busker as well as RenFaire Performer, it is a fickle and unreliable living at best, unless your region heavily favors busking (most don’t).

It was a lot of fun, but you never knew what (if anything) you were bringing home on a given day, and unless you live a very minimalist lifestyle, paying bills busking is almost impossible in most places.

Can’t say why, but Jackie doesn’t seem to be rich, so it’s not quality or perseverance. I think it depends a lot on luck, and a little recommendation to your friends now and then probably wouldn’t hurt. I would if I had any friends with similar interests -not in comics, but in much of anything beyond old pickups and power tools.

Well this is clearly where Jackie has fallen short — he just needs to get someone a pickup with a bed full of power tools and he’ll be rich!

Ah, Jackie, your voting link has your site preceding the voting site’s address, causing your site to spit out a 404 error. For anyone else, just remove the “betweenfailures.com/comics1/” to get to the Between Failures Voting Portal. Please Vote, it helps Jackie’s readership.

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