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Inside of you is a wolf. Next to that wolf is two other wolves. They are all howling at the moon. It’s pretty crowded & loud inside you I expect. Maybe let the wolves out sometimes. They might start rich lives, raising little pups. I bet they might like webcomics about early 20s humans in low stakes adventures. Then they might join my patreon. That way I’ll finally get my grubby fingers on the coveted spirit wolf bucks… What a glorious day that would be.

Got a little weird there… Although not as weird as it generally is around here so, whatever, I guess.

My allergies are on an absolute rampage right now. It’s been a pretty long time since they’ve been this bad. It’s getting to the point where I’m getting unstable & not sleeping right. What’s making them so much worse I’m not sure. I haven’t really changed anything around here to stir up dust. Maybe it’s just pollen or something. Or maybe my new glasses are playing a part. My eyesight seems to be connected to my mental state in a way I’ve never really understood. Right now my eyes won’t adjust quickly from thing to thing & the disconnect makes me dizzy & anxious. It feels like it’s compounding with my allergies into some kind of anxiety disaster waiting to happen. I dunno. All I know is I’m off kilter all the time recently & I’m not enjoying the ride.

If I had a spirit wolf to ride that would solve a lot of my problems…


Your climate is way different from here, I think, but it has been a ferocious year for pollen. You can see it blowing off of the trees.

I see it coating the cars.
The silver+rust KIA has a slight tinge of greenish yellow.

My VW DUNE has acquired a distinct green tone with yellow-green windows.

YES I am miserable if I take off the mask, though even with the mask my eyes are itchy-watery.

Just after posting this my nose started a marathon match with Niagara eyes and a bout of sneezing. Psychosomatic or trigger effect?

Has there ever been a group of friends where every member was entirely healthy and functional? I’ve never met one and some degree of dysfunction may be necessary for the group dynamic.

If you have a Bubbles, and a Blossom, you MUST have a buttercup. Larry, Moe, and Curley pretty much taught me that. Plus you need something to join them a MoJo-JoJo to join against, Bluto, Brutus, Alice, The Jeep, Pappy, whosoever,… it doesn’t matter, but there will be one.

You chose a very specific set of references, and I just want to tell you I appreciate you doing so. Groups just don’t work without people being different.

If your friends are all healthy and functional…then that sickly, dysfunctional one is you. But since, as we’ve been told, that inclusion is necessary, be of good spirits. You are performing a necessary service, and as such, they owe you their thanks. (Yeah, that kinda made me laugh/cry too)

[ Heh, heh!] Yeah.

This is kind of related- This is a sign that you see in a lot of US bars:
“Come IN, and tell us all your troubles!…and we’ll let you cry in our beer.”

Your glasses don’t sound as if they are working as they should. I would get that checked, if you can. Hope you feel better soon.

I know you are a thousand + miles from my area, but the pollen season is awful here, and maybe there too.

“Broken and awkward” suggests that Reggie and Evrina might get along well except for the possibility, maybe, that they are too similar?

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