1824 Save For Later.

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something to talk about for at least 30 minutes. At this point I need to accept that my entire life is drawing stuff and there’s nothing worth talking about. I have stuff to draw & this is just wasting my time.


That’s ok, Jackie! :)

Since you’ve given us 1800 and 24, fantastic comics,…not having text for the comments…on occaision…is totally ok!

How is it that it’s taken me this long to notice Jo’s eyes…?
In the top-banner of the Page, they’re golden-yellow,
but in today’s panels, they’re purplish-blue.
I’m totally losing-out on the ‘Detective’ merit-badge achievement!

I think there is a sequence, that starts here, that explains why Jo dyes her hair, and things like that:


In her past, Jo, for kind-of-sensitive reasons, likes to change her hair color, + her eye color.

Page 869, and pages after that, should explain why Jo does these things.

My spidersense (or is it some other sense) tells me this is the beginning of a long patreon-only segment of threesomes and webcams.

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