1197 The Thing To Do.

After I’m not sure how many months I’ve finally begun the process of sorting through my stuff and organizing it into my work/sleep space in a way that looks less like a refugee camp. I’m also accepting the fact that once I’m done with most games I’m done with them forever, so it’s okay to either store them, or get rid of them. Unfortunately old games, especially if they are a system hence are basically valueless. Which is actually kind of a good thing. Usually it’s because that content is always available on other platforms as a download. So it won’t disappear. Others will be able to experience it, but I don’t have to be the steward of it anymore. I will probably sell all of my Genesis stuff, because even when they were new I didn’t really like the games. Sonic The Hedgehog is fun, but the novelty wears off fast. Almost as fast as the titular character. Most of my N64 games are also terrible, if I’m honest. They seemed great at the time, but really there were only a couple of gems. I may get rid of the N64 as well.

The NES and SNES I’m not sure about. New controllers never quite get the solid feel of the real thing. Also, the buttons are always placed incorrectly. It’s like they don’t know how thumbs work anymore. The SNES controller is just about the most perfect one ever. I have a Wii classic one and it’s just not right. They missed the mark slightly. It feels incorrect. I hate for the original feel to be beyond me grasp if ever I feel nostalgic for it. I don’t forsee that being a problem with any system apart from the SNES/NES. Maybe the Dreamcast, but the jury is out on that. Powerstone on the PSP pretty much captured the feel and that’s about all the Dreamcast I care to remember. The Capcom games are out there still. I just have to find them.

Anyway this is just some housecleaning I’ve needed to do for a long time. I don’t have to make the decisions right away, but if any of you collect Genesis stuff I’m open to hearing your offers. My stuff is not rare, but it is in nice shape. It’s just really hard to find a TV you can connect the thing to now…


Yo keep the Dreamcast and the PSP as you can burn and download a lot of games that doesn’t come over to the states or really expensive to buy on eBay my PSP had like near fifty games with Dangarongpa being one of the best games I played on it. Also you can download and burn games that will never see the light of day like like propeller arena.

My PSP is having issue atm. I don’t know if it’s just because the data is getting corrupted on my memory stick (the preferred failure), or just because my PSP has been dropped too many times. (The more likely culprit.) I guess there’s another possibility. I use 3rd party memory sticks. Sony seems like the kind of company that would somehow engineer their hardware to behave malevolently toward something that doesn’t have its name on it. (SanDisk, if you’re curious.)

Thankfully, I have a second memory stick. I’ll have to give it a shot. I have a PSP3000, though. They feel quite flimsy.

I am contemplating going to a Vita or a PS3, but I dunno. I really only play my downloaded games.

I love Jo’s response – “Yes, both of those.”

I’m going to have to use that sometime because my family and friends always add the ‘or something’ after it.

Jo has some of the best responses. Especially her one-word exclamations. “Bereft!”

This reminds me of that one character in Final Fantasy VIII.

I had a friend who didn’t realize that character was female until I told him. This isn’t that much of a surprise. She wasn’t a very compelling character, to begin with.

I’d collect a lot of video game paraphernalia if I had the time. And the money. And a house to actually store all that stuff in. Seriously, I love the SNES. Somehow, that easily yellowing system carries all of my good childhood memories. Just turning the thing on brings me back to a time when my brother, who was the brightest star in my sky lived with us. He seriously brought me down out of a pure, child-like temper tantrum by simply playing Mortal Kombat 2. He’s also in one of my earliest memories, teaching me how to do a Hadouken. Looking back on it, he was so patient. I try to get my ladyfriends to get into fighting games, but watching them fluster all over the controller just makes me mad. That’s why I got myself a Supa Boy so I can take those memories everywhere in a giant, clunky, portable version. Genesis stuff? I’m not interested. But if you ever feel the desire to sell your SNES, I’ll be all over that, especially if you’d sign it first.

Genesis you say? I must admit that I am a very big fan of the genesis. I’m not sure how much they are going for (along with any games) but as a fellow artist and writer… what are you looking to sell your system and games for? (By the way, long time reader first time commenting and I kinda dig that my first comment is about old consoles)


Both of those.”

Snuggles and a movie: this is why Gahd created Home Video! I love Jo’s simplified private patois. Her habit of answering either-or questions with “Yes” is endearing, too — a habit I picked up from my Mother.

So, @Crave. I wonder what games you have on your phone?

I have no games on my phone right now. I have some on my iPod, but it only works when I’m near internets. The only one that requires Internet to work is transformers legends. All the others are just games that don’t require the device to be connected to play.

I feel dumb for not noticing this earlier, but I just realized that Jo does not have her contacts in. I for one think its great seeing her be open (letting down some walls) around someone else!

Which Dreamcast titles do you have? I’ve only got a few. It was an underrated system.

Those two are especially cute in the last panel. Another enjoyable page. ^_^

Lol, if she is anything like I think she is, she’s going to watch something quotable. Maybe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Or Oceans Twelve.

I can see them watching a movie like ‘Airplane!’, ‘The Naked Gun’ or ‘Animal House’ , repeating the lines to each other and laughing like fools. They are so darn cute together.

“Yes. Both of those.”
Hahahah! I am going to have to use that in a creepy voice next time the opportunity arises! It is too perfect not to!

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