1825 Omission.

Well, now we’re gonna have some sparks. Strap in kids and watch Jess talk her way out of this if she can.

When I got up today there was a giant pile of Amazon boxes on the couch. I only ever started making the Amazon link for birthdays and stuff because two or three people were always really insistent on giving me gifts for holidays and stuff, but this year it was this insane pile of gifts. Usually I don’t like to talk about this kind of thing because it feels like bragging, but I just want to publicly express my gratitude for the presents. Anybody who reads the blogs knows how tough things have been for the last year, and all the other stuff that goes on, and really the stress of the last half a decade really. It means a lot to me that you guys appreciate that I get the pages out no matter what happens.

I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll try to think of something extra to share that you guys can enjoy as a thank you.


You’ve all seen that trick before

It would be much less a problem if she’d just arrange to hook him up rather than hold out false hope. Then it’d be a solid quid-pro-quo setup and everyone would be happy or reasonably so.

Well, that would hinge on her being able to find someone who could appreciate him in that way… Though admittedly the story so far has been somewhat of a fairy tale in this regard — so I guess it’s not out of the question :-)

Happy Birthday, Jackie! Please don’t feel like you have to do extra work because of it. We do it because we appreciate what you already do!

Heh! Would you say before two or three people got you gifts, while now it is two outta three people?

[No, you wouldn’t. I’m sorry]

And here I thought it would be something along the lines of “he’s got a weird lesbian fetish that I don’t wanna deal with.” But nope, it’s just Jess being an asshole. Good for calling her out on it Jo! And don’t get me wrong, I love Jess as a character, but what she is doing here is obviously wrong.

Considering how many times jessica has screwed over the people in her brother’s life–some of them biblically–I would be amazed if she EVER straightened her life out. Every time I see her, Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” keeps playing in my head, and I don’t even LIKE that song.

Right now, with her history, I’m concerned about Brooksie.

Aahh, the old lawful good vs chaotic good, always a fun argument

Yeah Jess is not being any flavor of good here. This is strictly chaotic neutral.

Id say this is definitely an Evil act. Theres just too much selfishness and using other people for her own gain for it not to be. DM’s gonna force an alignment change if she keeps this up.

I disagree. Neutral is the alignment of selfishness. Good works towards the benefit of others, Neutral for the benefit of yourself, and Evil for the detriment of others. At least that’s my interpretation of the classic morality grid.

Actually, the alignment grid in D&D works like this –

Lawful (Follows all the rules regardless – look at Code 1,subsection A. Long live the King.)
Neutral (Balances following the rules with breaking them, doing what needs to be done for the sake of what needs to be done)
Chaotic (Rules are more of a … guideline! Yeah. Freedom to my peeps)

Good (Selfless, wants to help people in distress, has altruistic morals)
Neutral (There is no good if there is no evil, so again, does a little of both for the sake of preserving the balance)
Evil (Selfish, cares only about their viewpoint and their own morals and to Hell with everyone else’s viewpoint. Me me me!)

Thus why some of the best villains have morals and good intentions, but the way they go about it is selfish and destructive to others. The best heroes often want to embrace freedom and help others. Han Solo is Chaotic Good, Yoda is Lawful Neutral, the Emperor is Lawful Evil, Vader is Chaotic Evil, Luke is somewhat Neutral Good, and Bendu is probably the closest you’ll get to a true Neutral character (balances the Light with the Dark, and really just wants to stay out of doing anything).

Following what you wrote a druid protecting the forest would be lawful evil ??!

Forests and other ecosystems are important for the generation of resources and maintenance of ecological balance. These are things that affect others. Wanting to protect a forest can be a selfish act, if you want to sequester that area’s benefits and resources for yourself; wanting to protect a forest for the sake of preservation and posterity is not selfish. You didn’t specify the druid’s intentions in protecting the forest, so it is impossible to tell whether it is good, evil, or neutral.

Man, and I was starting to like Jess for making my Jo happy. I had to deal with these kind of shits a big part of my life, they can all rot in hell for all I care, manipulative liars are no good

My guess is that Jo has just discovered that she has a ‘mission’…
…a mission to REFORM Jess, into renouncing her manipulative ways.

Manipulation can be a funny thing in terms of morals. We hate the idea of being manipulated — but in cases where it’s not exploitative, but rather set for a win-win situation, is it really a bad thing?…

Of course it’s quite arguable whether Jessica’s intentions here would really qualify as win-win… And that’s the real problem with this sort of manipulation: the perpetrator can’t know whether the victim will really be happy with the outcome.

Foolish woman! That sort of trick doesn’t work on me!

… Just gotta bribe me with pizza. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped friends move. Hell, I’ve helped a friend move things for another friend that I don’t even know. Gimme some delicious pepperoni pizza and I’m willing to move mountains.

On twitter, Jackie said: “I want to reboot Strawberry Shortcake again, but in my version she’s a sassy, fruit themed, teen who fights for the rights of the under represented against the pietriarchy.”

Hee hee hee!
Masterfully done, sir!
I usually don’t walk into mountain-sized, puns like that one. Hee hee.

Also, Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Do you want serial killers? Because manipulating the fat kid next door with unattainable nookie is how you get serial killers.

Lol …

(Phone rings)
“Hey, what’s up sweetheart?”
“Um, James, I haven’t been … entirely honest with you.”
“What do you mean?”
“Before I met you, I was in love with somebody else …”
“… and we never really stopped seeing each other.”
“She’s a nice, horny girl, James, and we want you to come over.”
“Uh …”
“And warm up the bed.”
(Door slams)
“Hello? James? Hello?”

I think that’s the exception. Most of us just make webcomics in my experience.

And this is one of the funniest and most insightful things I have ever seen.
You really have a grasp of the human condition sir.
Thumbs up all round. Love your work.

I realize that Jo is as mad as anything, but-

Seeing her with her clenched-up, little, green fists, is one of the cutest things! :D

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