1826 Aware.

Well, she’s giving it one hell of a try, although Jo is not being averted by her points.

There was a huge discussion in the discord over this, which almost never happens. I kind of wish I could just cut and paste it here because it’s an interesting look at how perspective colors your view of morality. Basically if you like someone you’re way more willing to accept their faults. Or even go so far as to support immoral actions. I like playing in that playground. In fact I was reminded that Jo actually already did this to someone else, but remembered it as someone else’s idea. Even I as the creator favor Jo as a paragon of purity in my own memory, in spite of knowing she’s as human as anyone else.


There’s nothing wrong with a) being hot and using that to your advantage or b) setting up a deal with someone to pay them if xyz happens and they agree, but if you’re doing it with the premise “I’m single and I’m letting you think you have a chance” when you’re in a relationship, it’s still an asshole move.

Everyone makes mistakes. Jess is just trying to justify hers, but not doing a very good job. First step to victory, admit your mistakes.

When? When did Jo string someone along? I don’t remember this.

But even if she did, she doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would string someone along deliberately. In my book, there’s a big difference between stringing someone along without realizing it and doing it on purpose.

I think honesty would have served her better than pulling the ‘hot’ card. Like was said before by tenten, it’s okay to be ‘hot’ and use it to your advantage, but leading someone on is disrespectful and is going to backfire eventually, which is a completely unnecessary complication if you’re pursuing a business or creative venture. Jess is just lazy and irresponsible.

Lets face it, her neighbor would probably willingly sign himself into indentured servitude if she did tell them they were together, and he could watch them smooch, or be present for risqué photo shoots. Not that Jo would like that either, bit of a decline actually, going from manipulative to boarderline whoring?

Jess is used to being free and having her looks get her things. It’s hard to change, doesn’t make it any less manipulative.
But those eyes! https://imgur.com/gallery/1XGnrkG

” bit of a decline actually, going from manipulative to boarderline whoring?”
I would put that as an improvement.

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