1823 How Many Licks?

In case what Jo is saying on this page sounds like gibberish know then that she is referencing Homestuck. In fact she’s referencing something that isn’t even in Homestuck anymore. The line “I feel so Caucasian!” was changed to “I feel Peachy!” because Homestuck fans are very precious about skin tone. Since Jess & Jo are both fans they already know this, & Jo finds the original line funnier for all the sorts of reasons that people find edgy humor funny.

My 42nd birthday is on the 20th, much like every other year so far. I believe that makes the comic 12 years old. As it’s the closest thing to a child I’m likely ever to have I am compelled to make note of it. If you wish to present me with offerings I have hidden a link to a whishlist somewhere in the post. I’m in one of these boxes Hal, find me!


If you want to see a coat with an outrageous colour mix, go no further than the 6th Doctor’s coat. https://i.pinimg.com/474x/2a/bc/d2/2abcd25bcfcd8fff41b594ed602433aa–frock-coat-doctor-costume.jpg

I wish I could find a pic of my friends Bard’s Cloak – His very dear and talented wifey made it for him – Very fine black velvet outer shell. So black it seems to absorb light. He says that it adds to his stealth modifier. But the lining …. Do you know what a colour spray is? She used every colour in the book with a majority in the flourescent dayglow sear ones retinas end of the brightness scale.

Sweet! I’ve got a black jacket with a lining which is yellow, but goes light blue from some angles.

Sometimes I miss my colorful 90s shellsuit.

They know about homestuck? Goddamn how old is homestuck?

Not sure what’s surprising you. I’m still young enough to have been able to go to highschool with both of these characters. I knew about Homestuck in highschool. It makes sense they heard about it, it was still kind of a big deal a couple years back. By internet standards it’s old, but it also went on for awhile and was/is very popular.

I might have to amend that. I know Brooksie is actually the older one, but I forget by how much. Regardless, I’m not much older than Jess.

I was under the impression that Jessica was older by just a little. I’d have to go back and track down the relevant pages, but I seem to remember that Ed & Jess had already had their 21st birthday before Jo’s godfather brought her the early present which would be for her 21st birthday.

Well, I thought you were a little younger than that, Jackie. That makes me 3 and a half years older than you.

My online voice reads as immature

Remember, you may have to grow old, but you don’t have to mature.

[singing] When you feel like a toad on the highway of life… and everyone seems like a steel-belted radial… when you’re lyin’ there squished in an assortment of bodily fluids… at least you left your mark.

[record scratch]

We apologize for the previous ditty and now take you to something completely different …..

My personal theme song is The song of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan.

“I won’t grow up
I don’t wanna go to school
I will never wear a mustache
Or obey the Golden Rule
‘Cause growing up is awfuller
Than all the awful things there ever were
I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up
No sir!”

Peter Pan: I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up, not me!
Wendy: (correcting him) Not I.
Peter Pan: Not me.
Wendy: (sighing) ( with insistence ) Not I!
Peter Pan: Not ME, so there! Thbbbbbbbb!

That reminds me of the line:

“Have fun! Live long enough…to be a big embarrassment to your kids!”

[ Lawyer talk- my apologies to all kids out there, even the ones who are over 19 + 20]. ;)

It always seemed to me that many (most?) of the people who say, “C’mon—can’t you take a joke?” are demonstrating what those psychologists call “projection.” But that’s just me. Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows?

Ah. Well, after having read through homestuck and this comic issue multiple times, I have formed An Opinion.
The way Jackie glossed over the issue of the effects of him saying it in the first place is a bit shit, but I get that this blog is not for another nasty guy’s issues. Personally, I never thought the caucasian joke was as crass as other things he’s said through his comics, but the real issue was that it felt like a jab at people who saw the kids were “aracial” and drew them as people of color rather than jabbing back at the people who labeled white as canon because of the trickster mode, when he had no issue with that as “aracial” is what he tried for in the first place (he barely fucking tried and he didn’t have the background knowledge or foresight to see how hard he’d have to retcon lmao). Unfortunately, that doesn’t come across very well and neither did the joke.

The actual problem he retconned for was people who didn’t see the characters as “aracial” doubling down and harassing the people drawing characters with dark skin even harder because of it. I guess maybe you could say that’s “precious,” but I wouldn’t dream of describing harassment like that.

I think it was right that he changed it after how hard it flopped since it basically did the opposite of what he was trying to do in the first place. The only thing I could even try to say in his defense was that he intended for his characters to be “aracial” and that in licking the candy, only their trickster mode which was super secret and never even showed up in the comic properly until now gives them a race as a joke, which…Why. There’s a BIT more to race than just skin color but okay, Hussie.

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