Hope this sleeping time will be good for you.

Not really into bad guys, but boy do I like the face of scheming-Jessie in that last panel…

Sweet Dreams! Do you dream? i wonder with all the interruptions to your sleep, and oddness to your sleep, and general angst that goes with sleeping for you. I hope you do fall deep enough into it to have dream time.

My dreams often involve leveling up in an mmo that i am currently playing in a zone that doesn’t exist but i am sure during and after the dream that it does… i don’t love endgame grinding in MMOs but i sure do like leveling up…

I think you might be a newer reader, so you probably don’t remember the posts where I used to post detailed recollections of my dreams, but yes. I do dream sometimes. Usually a lot more when I’m having issues. Very little recently though, By chance I did have a dream last night that involved a scorpion.

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