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The Teen came over today because her life is falling apart at the moment and she was caught up in the wave of destruction. To her credit she was pretty together about the whole thing. She didn’t expect to be able to visit until later, but I had gotten all my stuff done early so my plans weren’t disrupted. I was also having a relatively good day health wise. My bad foot has been swelling up again after being a lot better for quite some time. I don’t know what I’m doing that’s causing it, or if it’s just maybe some kind of bug I picked up someplace. My lymph nodes in my jaw have been inflamed on and off for a while and I wonder if that’s part of it. I dunno. It was doing so well for a while and it’s disheartening for it to suddenly go back to being swollen up so badly again. It doesn’t appear to be infected at least. Not like when I had the bacterial infection that messed it up in the first place. I worry about it though because it’s been years and it hasn’t ever fully healed. If it got infected again I could end up with another handful of years with limited mobility and discomfort and pain. Or no foot, who knows? Maybe the pirate life is for me…


You really should get it looked at. I’ve had cellulitis in my legs 3 times and wouldn’t wish it on you.

I’ve had cellulitis in an even worse location and I wouldn’t wish it on ANYONE. :P


I’ve had it twice on about the same spot on my arm. IT SUCKS. According to my doctor, it’s actually quite easy to get and doesn’t mean you’re not washing properly or anything. (The first time I was diagnosed with it I immediately started insisting that I showered every day so I couldn’t possibly have it.) Fun fact – once you’ve contracted it once, you are far more likely to contract it again, and probably in the same place (this is according to my kind-of mother-in-law, who is a pharmacist). The good news is that it is super-easy to treat with antibiotics. IIRC, the second time I got it I didn’t even bother going to my doctor – I went to a nurse practioner at the “minute clinic” near me and just said “I have cellulitis. Antibiotics plz?”

I agree with AndrewTBP, you should get it checked out again, losing your foot would be awful and being a pirate isnt all that great, you have to watch out for ninja’s all the time…

Thing about ninjas is they’re a localized issue. Pirates only have to worry about them if they’re sailing near Japan, since they brokered a peace treaty with the german ninja tribes ages ago.
(No, I am NEVER above making a G Gundam reference)

Said best by Johnny Depp:

When I was just a lad looking for my true vocation
My father said “Now son,
this choice deserves deliberation
Though you could be a doctor or perhaps a financier
My boy why not consider a more challenging career

Hey ho ho
You’ll cruise to foreign shores
And you’ll keep your mind and body sound
By working out of doors

True friendship and adventure are what we can’t live without

And when you’re a professional pirate,
Bad Polly: That’s what the job’s about!

A joke from an unknown author:

Dan- “It’s BETTER to be a pirate! whenever I see a picture of a pirate, he’s with two beautiful girls!”

Tom- “That’s silly! When was the last time that you’ve SEEN a ninja?”

I have to echo the sentiments of others who are urging you to get your foot looked at. In the meantime, try to keep it elevated as much as you can. I don’t know if you wear any kind of compression socks, but they are easy to buy at many drugstores and on Amazon. IMHO, Jobst is the best brand. (That’s what I wear.) They help with bad circulation and reduce swelling related to said bad circulation.

I am glad that the Teen is turning to you for guidance and I hope she’s okay.

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