1740 Spite.

Hopefully when this page posts there will be a few images of the Lego house I talked about on Wednesday in my Twitter feed, which I expect you can find easily enough without a link. As I said, the house isn’t good for pictures, but you can probably get an idea. The top floor has little trophies and stuff all around the inside ledge but I couldn’t get a decent picture without actually taking it apart.

My sleep cycle has migrated such that I want to go to bed at 5or 6 pm at the moment so I’m having a very hard time staying awake to write this. nothing important has happened that I can think of and I cant think of anything particularly profound to write about the page itself. The history of these two will be revealed soon enough without the help of any text I add here.

So, for now, I leave you. If you want to interact with me further feel free to message me on Twitter and I’ll give you a link to the Discord server.


My job has definitely made me tap into a then-unexpressed sense of malice. One could say I’ve definitely gone to the Dark Side, or I’ve gone Sith, or Mr. Hyde has taken over in my stead. I could go awhile with these references…

so we have nina/alex’s sister and something probably related to roulette’s dad. the web is becoming clearer strand by strand~ or it could be totally unrelated and its a red herring. in which case what a tangled web you weave good sir.

I wonder what’s the deal between Thomas and Rulette. It’s kind of “sour-e-e-ly strange-e-y/awkard-e-e-y”. Anyway, Thomas way to do a mood whishplash. First time I’ve seen Rulette withouth that wisecrack smile. And I resent you a little for that. Broody Tommy. Whatever happened in the past, isn’t in the past already, kiddo? Mistery thicken-sss!

I kinda heard the record-scratching-stop sound when Thomas dropped the mention of her dad’s death into the exchange. That’s not something one typically brings up casually, no matter how much you don’t like the other person, given the painful memories people tend to associate with a parent’s death…and in this case, I don’t think T particularly dislikes R, just that he found her annoying as a rules lawyer type back in the day.

I think its just that Thomas is having a mood state where its all about him, which isn’t out of character. We’ve seen this side of him before.

It took me 3 weeks but I read this from the beginning to this point and I must say that I’m loving this gem. I especially like how the big peeps are being portrayed. Being a big guy myself, I like seeing that they are not thrown as background characters and treated like some hideous creature from the Nether Realms and are given a chance to befriend and romance.

Tom doesn’t seem like a spiteful person to me, sure he’s manipulative, but not spiteful.

If he has to he will use spite in his machinations, if that’s what will work.
Other’s or his own, still burning one or westiges of the long gone.

My bet is on “used to date” or something similar. He’s mentioned in the past that when he ends a relationship, there’s no real going back on it. He, Rulette, and her dad probably had something close that got ruined, and he cannot let go of that.

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