I think I’m missing how this is an example of their similarities. I mean, yeah they -are- similar, and that’s been proven in the past repeatedly, but this seems more Evrina protecting her friends from a perceived threat, something I (at least right now) can’t remember Reggie ever having done. Anyone?

Reggie said almost the same thing to John.

Ahh, sorry – my memory isn’t always the best. Do you perhaps have a link or a ‘more or less around this part’? If not, I guess I’ll find it in my next re-read. But thanks!

That’s kind of funny, I actually saw it something of the reverse. Before that I had seen Reggie as nothing but self important, and although he continues to be so there he actually has a bit of a point (although he’s missing that aroudn then John is having his turning point more or less into being less of what he’s accusing him) and here Evrina is just grandstanding and using ‘protecting my friends’ to puff up her need to put others down, and keep her little social group the same because without them no one will tolerate her poor behavior.

I personally think that Evrina and Reggie are misjudging Johnny Boy here. But who knows, he may very well just be looking for something. and then he’ll cut ties and make tracks. But i’m hoping he won’t.

I’m a little concerned he’s going to turn out as the new Wes. Not in personality, but in a “this guy is such a douche he makes everyone around him look like better people” kind of way. I’ve been worried since his talk with Reggie. He never really struck me as the type to act that way (well, one time he did something like what was described, but Jo put him up to it), so I’m hoping we get some moments where John isn’t busy making tools look good.

yeah, looks like they both have really strong legs from jumping to conclusions all the time

I like the picture of Evrina and Reggie with absurdly long legs it made in my head

Anime heavy muscled thighs, HUGE thighs, all muscle, with ankles that look skinny because muscles on the calves from using the toes as springs coming down to land. …annnnd tousled hair from getting it caught in low flying drones!

Ironically enough John DOES have a history of using Alex for his own ends; it just has absolutely nothing to do with his curiosity with the purrgatory and their fursonas.

It’s leading to an interesting case of “right for the wrong reasons”

“There are so many commercials for diabetics it’s pretty obvious that pharmaceuticals look at them as a cash cow now”
Diabetes is the new black. On the other hand, I’m still alive because -new adventure- pharma inventions, so … Yeah, at least it’s not like the eppi-pen fiasco, with diabetes stuff there are multiple manufactures. (NOT saying there ISn’t price fixing, we just can’t show it yet.)

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