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I’ve never actually been to one of those old pizza places that had the creepy robot performers. Even as a kid they seemed off putting though. Of course I was kind of scared of the outside as a kid. Actually… I guess that hasn’t changed a whole lot. It just seems more normal to me now to be uncomfortable there? Anyway, of course Maddison would be drawn to such a place. I’m sure they get dragged there from time to time to appease her. I Imagine Bearyfun Pizza as a branded place that failed and the new owners refitted the robots to be things they aren’t supposed to be to avoid copyright claims, so they don’t look right and are extra creepy.

I just saw a video of a game called Momodora and I super want to play it. It’s only on steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 though. I cry a million tears. It would be perfect for 3DS. I wonder if I email the developer for all eternity if they would port it…


Bearyfun pizza sounds like the polar opposite of fun, in fact I’d say it sounds pawsitively grizzly …

Puns like that are always hard to bear….

Is that beclaws you feel they are pandaring to the most ursinine among urs?
Sadly I caniform any better jokes …

they just don’t want to go because maddison’s pizza is there. It might look like normal pizza, but its not. if you eat her pizza, she will end you.

I’m getting a FNAF vibe from that name. I think it’d be really cool if that was some form of homage.
Though on second thought, you’re technically already talking about the thing *it* was based on, and how creepy the whole animatronic-characters thing is.
Either way, great strip! I’m really liking how the comic is going as a whole.

Real story!
I went to a chuck E. Cheese when i was a kid once, we were on our way to church camp and stopped there! now me being the fat kid but fearless, tried one of the rides. It was a one seat Ferris wheel looking thing! sounds cool!

I put my coins in and sat down it started up, moved just a bit and then broke! Like full on crunching noises and smoke broke! I was so ashamed of my self for being the fat kid who broke the ride! lol thinking back that thing would have had issues and was not in good shape when i was there but still that was just added stigma to my self image.

well at least the pizza was better then cardboard, and i got a token back! ahh Memories!

In my 20s, I went to Chuck E Cheese’s with a friend and their kids. This would have been in the mid 80s. What I remember most was how ratty it was. Everything kind of worn and rough around the edges. Also, the pizza was pretty bad, and overpriced.

Supposedly they had a major corporate refurbishing in the 90s, but I have never been back.

It has improved enormously. I generally prefer to take my son to Peter Piper’s Pizza, but Chuck E Cheeses is nowhere near as bad as it was back in the 80’s

“I just saw a video of a game called Momodora and I super want to play it. It’s only on steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 though. I cry a million tears. It would be perfect for 3DS. I wonder if I email the developer for all eternity if they would port it…”


True story: You saw a video for Momodora FOUR. Not that playing the original trilogy is required to enjoy the new one, which is actually a prequel to the first game anyways. A link to the past, if you will.

The first two games are freeware. The third is for moneys, but still Windows-only(and probably larger than 1+2 together, in part because 1 is actually a fairly short game and rather linear).

The newest one, Reverie Under the Moonlight, has a major art style overhaul, most notably in that the player sprites are much larger and more detailed. It is a much lusher game than what came before.
1-3 have a very Cave Story-inspired aesthetic with small and chunky sprites, and I was pleased to see rdein’s style grow past imitation. Just as I’m pleased to see the newest one making it to consoles. The series deserves more exposure than it’s gotten in the past.

I agree that seeing some part of the series on the 3DS would be nice, but his development flow isn’t 3DS-compatible. He uses GameMaker Studio, which doesn’t support any Nintendo hardware as far as I know.

Major Magics always freaked me out. And I read a recent announcement that Chuckie Cheese is planning to replace their animatronics with “costumed dancers”. It’s a shame, children need the nightmares about getting murdered by robots, that’s what made FNAF so popular.

Nothing to do with the nightmares. Chuck E. Cheese basically doesn’t want to pay for the upkeep to the animatronics anymore. It’s more cost effective to them to just have a dance floor and people in mascot suits dance with the kids.

I remember going to Showbiz Pizza as a teen for someone’s birthday or something. They had the robot-animal-stage-whatsit connected to a jukebox setup, and we amused ourselves in between rounds of Street Fighter 2 by having the characters do grotesque animatronic lip-syncs to MC Hammer and Guns & Roses. Good times.

Thinking of making [good robots] into scary ones, I think Disney did the opposite:

In 1995, the staff of the fun park, Disney World, [in Florida], made a funny-scary, ride or show.

I went to it once, and it WAS scary[!], but I liked it like that. It had really spooky: art, + effects, + a huge [lizard?] type of monster.
It was built for kids 12 + older.
But…I guess too many parents said, “this ride scares my kids!, I don’t like it”…, and so-Disney took this fun show, the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter [R], and turned it into the mild, crappy show, that is: “Stitch’s Great Escape.”

They took a fun ride, + turned it into trash. Freaking Disney. :(

All goes back to the old notion that, if it’s too scary for your kids, don’t take them on it / to it / let them see it / etc. Why water down everyone else’s good time because your kids can’t hang?

You Americans have some weird pizza places, over here in Oz, if it isn’t a major franchise like Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Eagle Boys or Australian Pizza, it’s a local pizza joint typically owned by Greeks or Italians that sometimes also sells pasta, no weird mascots.

The Momodora series is really good! Your computer can probably run it just fine, assuming you have something made in the last 7 or so years.

The pizza place that was really popular in our hometown was Crystal’s Pizza. There’s still one in Arlington, TX. The atmosphere is pretty much the same. They began doing a pizza buffet, though. I don’t think it’s quite as good as it used to be, but I also don’t have the same love for pizza I did in my youth.

Crystal’s was the first place I ever got a submarine sandwich. My mother took me during lunch one time. I probably wanted a pizza, but I don’t think I was disappointed. Come to think of it, she was probably the only person who ever took me to a Quiznos.

My dad did something similar once. He took me to watch UHF in the theater. Yes. The UHF with Weird Al Yankovic. When we left the theater, he gave me only one rule; “Don’t tell your mother we watched this.” To this day, I haven’t broken that rule.

I can’t tell if Madison is just an EXTREME airhead (i’ve met exactly one person like that in my life, so I know they CAN exist), or if she is actually mentally stunted/undeveloped/whatever you want to call it.

I like her either way, though, she’s adorable :)

“…Wow, just… kill all ze fun! Put ze fun in camps, vhy don’t you?”
The Major, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
“Yeah, ya Fun-Nazi.”
Alucard, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

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