1737 Merry Go.

All work and no play makes Jackie a dull boy.

I really need to stop sleeping all day and leave the fucking house. Except it’s too hot, so sleeping is the only thing I can do without having to worry about overheating. And it’s hot all damn night too. I’m trapped up in this. Getting all focused on my little online communities, giving me a skewed view of reality. I’m ready for fall. So I can at least venture out once in a while until it’s too cold to do that. Bleeeeeeeeeh.

I’ve been publishing practice sketches on Patreon. He’s a free on if you don’t follow me on social media. It’s NSFW so view at your own discretion. Butt. I’ve been posting these old things because I just have piles of them saved.


I feel like I should make a more meaningful comment regarding what is going on, but having just had a hard cough, that one red speck on the corkboard in the background of panel 4… I thought that was on my screen rather than in the comic for well longer than I care to admit, and spent time trying to rub it off…

What red …..Oh. ….
Now I can’t help but have my vision drift to it when I read that panel.
[shakes fist and mumbles something about loin fruits on ones sward]

If coughing up blood is a thing for you I hope you’re getting decent medical care …

That being said, I believe that red spot represents an ancient technology know to your elders as a “push pin” – it was used by your ancestors to reversibly affix items such as notices printed on a material called paper to a surface made of cork or some synthetic substitute …

Wow, people got dark. I was referring to the rainbow-ish speckled phlegm/spittle that appears on ones screen after coughing. I’m not dying, folks, but thanks for the concern.

Don’t go outside, Jackie! There’s BEARS outside! :D

Seriously, hope you get over your funk or whatever.

Good for you John.Not down with your judgemental crap Evrina. Your act is a series of cheap shots trying to make yourself seem more important than you really are. If I were John, I’d say, “If you don’t want to be around me, go away!”

Yeah, I have talked down Somebody Else’s Obnoxious Friend on occasion. One of my former girlfriends had a friend who hated me, mostly because I was five years older than they were (I was, like, 26 at the time). I calmly told her that my relationship was with E., not with her, and anything she tried to do about it was only going to mess her up with my girlfriend.

Two years ago (30+ years later), she gave me a big hug in Mall*Wart. Some folks just need to graduate from High School cliques to the Real World.

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