1536 That’s No Moon.

A friend of mine was telling me about being a cam girl and told me that after she quit the company that hosted the content would ask her back periodically because BBWs are harder to get than other girls. I didn’t realize that some of the services are actually employers for a start, but I hadn’t really considered that big girls would be a hot commodity either. After I found out I knew it would be something Jessie would have found out though, which is why she references it. Of course Jess doesn’t intend for things to go into the realm of adult entertainment per se, but the theory should hold true to some extent in pg 13 areas. I really need to ask her some other stuff too but I haven’t had time. I’m not sure if I’ll need to know any of it, but it seems like I might have use for the information later, so I might as well get it now.

I think Heroes Of The Crash asked if I would want to have a live action version or animated movie made from the comic. In a magical world where you can still have animation for relatively small audiences I’d want animation. You can never exactly match a human with a cartoon character. something will always be not quite right. It won’t look how they should in your mind’s eye. If you animate it they look how they look and you mind fills in the gaps.
If it were live action I’d want a cast of unknowns since all the actors I know that remind me of the cast are too old to begin the training now. The whole group is from 19 to 27 or so. I know you can fudge that a little, but Hollywood gets so hung up on a handful of people. I’d also want them to actually have the proper body types, which Hollywood still essentially hates.

Just so you guys know, a few people wanted Jo in hot pants as their patreon sketch after the page where it was mentioned. so I’ll probably draw a more finished version of it rather than a bunch of different ones that are incomplete. If you were one of the people who asked for it there’s your answer. Although I still have others to get to first. T^T

I’ve been trying to squeeze in working on my Muffintop 4 submission between all my other stuff. since it has a deadline I’m prioritizing it a bit. I’m sorry for the delays on the patreon sketches, but I agreed to it ages ago and thought I’d heal up a lot faster than I have been. So it’s taking waaaaaay too long. Please bear with me for a while longer. I really am trying to get all caught up and back on track.


Owwww! I walked RIGHT into that “moons” joke! Ha hah hah ha! :D

Riddle me this: how does a massive cosmic implosion have moons? It makes sense with the naughty context, but not the realistic one.

It still has mass, so it can still hold objects in orbit, right?

“You’re” should be “Your” in the first panel

Oh fuckbiscuits… Thanks for telling me.

So Jackie… I take it you don’t always proofread? :)

When you look at something for several hours, editing and drawing, you can become blind to stuff like that after a while.

All too true which is why in the print industry, heck any job that requires working with text for any extended time, you NEED a proofreader.

I remember in the olde days when I had this little(?) program called Gutenberg that did actual grammar checking though you had to let it run overnight on anything more than a memo.

And get off my lawn

Same thing when you’re coding. Trying to find that one elusive bug can take forever, until you get some fresh eyes on it. “Oh, so it was just *that* after all …”

No worry Jackie. Patreon drawings aren’t in any case emergencies. Being able to do what you wanna do is what you need to prioritize.

Yay! I started a conversation topic! :D

You say you’d want unknown actors for a live-action version; does that mean you have specific actors in mind for a voice cast if it were animated, then?

I have not been keeping up with the tech but I know of a couple of local independent productions where I am have been using the equivalent of vocaloid for their voice acting. Supposedly it save a bundle on studio time.

Yeah, BBW Alex would definitely get a lot of love — and not just from the 40-year-old Jeff ‘Comic Book Guy’ Albertsons living in their Mom’s basements. Google “Venus of Willendorf;” she represents a 25,000-year-old meme.

@Jackie– Be careful what you wish for. Pogo Possum creator Walt Kelly allowed Chuck Jones (of Wiley Coyote and Grinch fame) to animate The Pogo Special Birthday Special. It was so far off the mark that Kelly, who had worked for Disney on Fantasia, Dumbo and several other animated classics, decided to make We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us, an achingly beautiful animated movie of Pogo’s world. Unfortunately, he was already so sick he never finished it, but there are clips from it on the Interwebz.

Thanks for the info on the “We Have Met…” film, Perfesser Bear!
I’m a big fan of the 1940s-1970s, Pogo [TM] comic strip. W. Kelly was a master at drawing, humor, and storytelling.

You hate me, then. I’m the guy buying up all the Walt Kelly, George Herriman and Winsor McCay books and memorabilia on eBay

I was a bit surprised by the “big girl” fetish myself. There I was on DeviantArt, a connoisseur of fine boobs and then it hit me like a ton of…bricks.

It’s not my thing, but a somewhat large girl with a good flotation system works just fine. Speaking purely on my personal standards for physical attractiveness, I like Carol but Alex crosses the line for :too big”. (Once Alex opened up, her personality made her a lot more attractive)

Alex would be smallish for some people’s Big Girl tastes, too…

There’s something to be said about going with proven professionals. It costs more, but there’s less risk of the project failing. My brother, the sprinkler-fitter (calling him a “plumber” was a good way to start a fight) spent a good portion of his career fixing repairs made by skilled amateurs.

That being said, I’ve always known there is a vast untapped resource of skilled actors (the various actors guilds maintain a 98% unemployment rate) — there was a time when nobody knew who Laurence Olivier was. George Lucas liked casting unknowns, as well (they’re cheaper, for one thing). The only “big name” in Star Wars, when it came out, was Peter Cushing. And he was mostly known for being in B-grade horror flicks. I don’t think anybody in American Graffiti was a star (nobody’d seen Ronnie Howard since before puberty.)

All it takes is the skill to winnow out the wheat from the chaff. Or, said in a less objectifying way, those who are ready for prime-time, and those who still need more practice. It’s rare, but valuable.

The only “big name” in Star Wars was Peter Cushing? How about Sir Alec Guiness, who I think was bigger than Cushing, and certainly had a much bigger role? Or James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader, another big star?

Moons are asses, the term I believe you are looking for are binary stars.

Well, moons are just giant orbs in orbit, and there is that Jupiter moon named Mimas that while it does look like Star Wars’ Death Star, it also looks like a giant grey boob with nipple.

So, I believe either can be referred to as moons, as they are both amazing phenomena that can be gazed at with the naked eye, or through binoculars and telescopes…

BBW models & cam girls are hard to find because society has such horrible standards that not a lot of bigger girls have the confidence to show off their amazing bodies. I love BBWs. Hell I’m marrying one.

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