1537 The Most Important Character.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing this comic it’s that the thing that separates the winners from the losers is knowing you’ll probably fail and going ahead anyway. I come out here 3 days a week and do my ridiculous best, and you love me in spite of that, or maybe because of it. It might also be a combination of those things. Maybe some other stuff too. Listen, what I’m saying is I have to fill space here by trying to sound like I know things about stuff. Bleep blop bloop, I’m an expert at making comics. Draw with all your heart or some shit.

I went to the dentist today. To the tune of just shy of $600. So that was fun. I had a massive panic attack in the chair, but I managed to just sit through the whole things without letting on. By tapping my fingers on my hands alternately I was able to get myself back in line. Although they did ask what I was doing after they got done.
My face stayed numb for a really long time after. Now my jaw and gums are sore, but not more than if I flossed too hard, which I do a lot so it’s normal to me. Mom and I had Chinese after and the lady we know who works ther was having to do everything herself because there are so many jobs now it’s hard to keep her staff. Thanks Obama…?

If you want to live in Klansas (that’s a typo, but I’m leaving it because it’s fairly accurate.) and need employment, go to Garden City. It’s all about job growth. It’s a little too big a city for me now. I feel much less comfortable there than when I lived there. But it’s not terrible if you can stand that sort of thing. Also, you might see me from time to time.

This message brought to you by the Garden City, Kansas, chamber od commerce.


i swear if she drops out of college


Her Family (parents/brother) and her scholarships have invested for too much support (financial and otherwise) in her for her to just flake out. Were I her brother i would use my stupid strength to jack he up on the wall and give her a good shake until she is ready to listen to reason. and then explain the following…

In spite of her history of trying a new thing, doing well, and then dropping it in 6 months because its all work work work. She really needs to capitalize on the fact that out of the entire group she has assembled no one has (nor can easily aquire) a college education that can be applied to this business model. At this point in stead of dropping out to make “easy youtube millions” as the next pewdiepie, she should pick a major that can actually help this group she has assembled thus far through shiny bullshit and charisma. (which only takes you so far)
Talent will get you far. Talent and training will get you farther. A few courses in effective leadership will be helpful in keeping her team together when things (inevitably) go sideways.

While the likes of Carol (and to a lesser extent thomas/mike) may have enough managerial experience to handle the bean counting aspect of business management
A minor in accounting/business management is not a bad idea. Just so she can understand the financial aspects of this business model and how to apply them successfully.

A major in Mass Media+Communications with a focus on social media (from a school where the degree is actually worth more than the paper its printed on) should provide the knowledge of HOW youtubers have managed to succeed thus far. Ideally if she is as good a student as has been implied she would also be able to understand WHY that success happened. And then find a way to duplicate it.

or else this will be a failure that not only takes her down. (insert sad story of brilliant college dropout can only find work as a stripper and blows the money on a drug habit) but everyone else associated with this project.

This is that time where you leverage all of your new friendships to help you like you’re helping them. They can’t do the work for you but there’s got to be a way to help, like prodding you when you fall asleep studying and making you coffee.

Warning: this is all dental advice. Not guaranteed to be very interesting, but I hope it’s good advice.

I am now a believer in the power of a good electric toothbrush. I use a SoniCare but I don’t care what brand you buy as long as it’s good. I wouldn’t buy any of the ones that rotate; just get one that vibrates back and forth, and use soft bristles.

My mom sent me a news article about people with rotating brushes sort of drilling holes into their teeth over many years. I don’t know how serious a problem it is, but it seems like a good idea to just use a brush that vibrates back and forth instead of rotating like a drill.

For a while I had a problem where my gums were receding. It turned out the problem was that I was brushing too hard. Now I just let the electric toothbrush do all the work… I hold it in a loose grip to remind me not to shove it hard into my gums and make them recede.

My dentist warned me about the receding gums and I said “let’s talk about this next time.” Then I changed the way I brushed my teeth (stopped shoving so hard) and my gums pretty much grew back. I think I surprised my dentist, he didn’t expect them to grow back at all, so maybe this thing of brushing so hard the gums give up and retreat is not a usual thing.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to use a good electric toothbrush and let it do the work.

P.S. Also floss your teeth; that made a huge improvement in my dental health once I started doing it.

P.P.S. As always, thanks for making one of my favorite comics.

Ed’s lived with Jess twenty-odd years. If she really is awesome, he’s probably already aware of it.

My cousin started a computer consulting firm when he took the package at forty and got a $20,000 golden handshake. He sold it to a big competitor for many millions, ten years or so ago. He went to school when he was still in the Navy, and he’s pick up the book list and the syllabus for a class, memorize the books and ace the mid-terms and finals. He claims he never went to class after he was a Freshman.

“Bleep blop bloop”

Or, as the a-dolts in the Charlie Brown commercials put it, Wah, wah-wah, wah-wah,,,

Or, as those diligent students in my university sci-fi club put it:

“Classes? Classes? What are tho…? Oh! You must mean Glasses. They’re right here on my face!”

I’m sorry Jackie… Last I was at the dentist, I was informed I’d need like 4,000 dollars with the work to get root canals and caps and other fun stuffs. I asked them to just pull the teeth, cost me 200. still expensive but comparatively speaking, I think I got off light AND those teeth won’t bother me ever again :P

I respect how confident Jess is but this will all blow up in her face if she doesnt get her fucking head out of the clouds, and an education is a good start to that but turfing it like spoiled food thats just stupid.

If you’re insinuating the presence of white supremacists, that depends entirely on what area of the stae you’re in.

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