1457 Axed.

My body no longer gets sleepy in ways that I understand as getting sleepy. It just suddenly tries to make me fall over. I never know when it’s going to happen it just happens. It’s super disruptive because I can’t plan on anything now. My Cpap seems to just keep me in this not asleep not awake state, so I never just sleep. This has been going on for weeks and it’s starting to really make my mind deteriorate. My work speed has slowed to a crawl and I can’t wrap my brain around certain things I used to be able to draw. The dizziness I’ve been experiencing has gotten worse rather than better with the new stuff the doctor recommended, not that there is any correlation necessarily. It’s just not helping.

As I sat down to write this my body started doing the thing and now I’m struggling to keep it together long enough to write this. I’m not sleepy. I’m wide awake but my body wants to rest. This is total fucking bullshit.



Does this mean that Axe Body Spray(known as Lynx over here in Oz) should be renamed Axe-Murderer Body Spray?

Yes it should. I have a mild allergy to a lot of perfumes and the Idiots who wear Axe invariably bathe in it and really set me off. I’ve actually felt my throat close from it.

Should it be changed to, “Axe-Murderer Body Spray”? I dunno.

I’m not a violent guy, but: the Axe body spray TV commercials are so obnoxious, that I’m often tempted to be an Axe murderer around the Axe body spray company, or even an Axe axe murderer. :D

I feel you. I know you were never diagnosed with POTS specifically, but you do have Dysautonomia symptoms. It blows.

Kava kava and magnesium supplements have helped me quite a bit. The unknown/unexpected tired times were awful. Kava basically relaxed my mind and magnesium relaxed my muscles…enough to get me a real night’s sleep.

I know it’s not much consolation, but hopefully someone else understanding the symptoms helps. That whole “invisible disease” shit… ????

Holy crap. A panel with JUST Reggie and Ed and only TWO panels have any kind of mockery and its friendly banter!

… end times…

END TIMES!!! *runs for the the tin foil*

The customer is not always right but company policy usually frowns upon attempts to knock some sense into them.

So do the cops, when you use a baseball bat.

Well, since they removed the penny from circulation there was not much else, besides management frowns on wasting rolls of nickles or quarters and the dimes are only sized for the more petite among us.

And using a clue-by-four generally results in a write up. Though, if you do it just right, the stupid bastard will just storm out and declare they’re never coming nack again. Usually followed by a round of cheers during the next break.

[ O! thou lover of registery and average floor walkery…mock me as thou likest. But, Behold: the work of the register folk is fraught with pitfalls, and legends of despair!…]

It’s so sad to hear the average, retail worker folk [doing] raillery, and arguments, such as we see Reggie and Ed doing, while they’re on this shift . : )

I’ve done it… I’ve finally reached the current comic….
Time well spent!
So hi!
I decided to read this a week ago and now I’m here.

Fun fact: I like The Legend of Zelda.

Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda.

Also, thanks for giving the comic a try.

Skyward sword definitely stole second place and my heart., but Majora’s Mask has first place and claim to my mind and soul.

And I’m always happy to find new comics to read. So thank you for giving me something to do.

I feel like Ed and Reggies relationship resembles that of Rattrap and Dinobot from Beast Wars. Ed and Rattrap are the sly short ones. Reggie and Dinobot are the grumpy ones with a code of honor. I should draw something of this.

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