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Well, I’m typing this on my tablet. I’m also sort of watching the lorax. Solomon, our basset, is farting like his intention is to kill all life.

I just spent thirty minutes selling virtual vegetables to make fake money in a video game, because I lead a rich, full, life. XD

The lorax seems to be getting a little off message…

I’ve been playing the new hand held Zelda game. It’s rightly praised by others for extreme cleverness. It’s the antithesis of sticker star.


Link Between Worlds is a lot of fun, but it may be the reason we won’t ever see a Majora’s Mask remake, unless the internet has lied to me.

I was amused enough by the story in Sticker Star, and some of the mechanics, except for battling with stickers. I got the hang of it and managed to beat the game, but I wanted something more like the older Paper Mario games. Companions, traveling in slightly less linear areas, ect. They’ve dumbed down Paper Mario, so if you really want a Mario rpg, the Mario and Luigi series is the better option.

Let it not be said that Thomas let’s his emotions get the best of him or else his hatred would have won out, allowed Dawn to fail, and everyone of his friends would have lost everything.

On the subject of LBW, did anyone else get to the part where Link’s house is supposed to become Ravio’s shop, but it doesn’t? I got to that part, did everything I supposed to up to that part, but it didn’t change for me for some reason.

My understanding is that was a glitch that caused the save file to be useless. There was a patch for it a short while ago.

Pragmatic. Yes, that’s a $20 word that well describes what Thomas did, gold vocabulary st*r for @Plasma Mongoose. Were his actions morally questionable when it creates a ‘win-win’ situation? Mmm, yo. Nes…

In other news, for some reason Ms. Nina Grace looks particularly hot today. Film at eleven.

A good friend of mine once told me: you win some, you lose some but you always always cheat.

OK, it makes sense now. It wasn’t just Dawn at stake. Still it makes me question whether Tom is as vindictive to an ex as he thinks he is or just angry at being burned by a self-centered little bizatch.

Nina is certainly looking especially elven today (not a complaint).

This is so not fair! I only discovered your comic last night through a randomness of seeing the comic title. I was thinking, hey I can relate to the title alone! Anyway the unfairness is that I have caught up to date and went to click the next button and there was none! NO NEXT BUTTON! It can’t end here! And then I looked at the date. DING! So you can see how my brain works. Anyway enough rambling on my part!
You are an epic writer and artist; I am very much looking forward to seeing more of your work! Cheers :)
p.s. Now I’ll have to re-read the entire comic with the comments included. Not that I’m complaining anyway :D

Everyone else seems to be just moving right over that “half an hour on virtual vegitables” thing…meanwhile, I just get one thing stuck in my head when I read that: Harvest Moon? Or something else? (Yeah, spent plenty an hour on HM myself, though only one the only one I’ve ever owned….Back to Nature. Been replaying it on-and-off for a while (with quite a time off), and finished Y2Fall not long ago. Either 20 or 25 of those 10k gold bags of income (exactly, actually!), with zero money spent that season. I felt so proud. =D First Fall I had 17 bags and change (around…half a bag?) but spent money too. So yeah, it’s not exactly too awesome to get 250k in during a single season, I’m sure, but…..it felt awesome.)

I don’t like Harvest Moon actually. I played some of the old games, but I don’t feel they properly straddled the line between being a game and being a job. That might have changed by now, but I wouldn’t know. I was talking about the stalk market in Animal Crossing, where the harvest system really doesn’t make logical sense. XD

The last HM I remember playing vividly was for the Gameboy. I vaguely remember playing the first one where you could get married, but I sold it. I think it was for the N64.

Back to Nature was for PS1. And yeah, it’s definitely not that casual. (Better if you’re on an emulator, but not great for “play for a while then get off”, and certainly not good if you’re trying to multitask. Gotta multitask in game enough that it’d be miserable.)

Though, if anything, it’s definitely taught me one thing. NEVER WORK ON A FARM. I’d probably do well to last three days before declaring it shall henceforth be named Hell. (Granted modern-day farms are probably much easier, especially with more than one person but….16 bags of Sweet Potatoes during a Fall. Great for money, misery to get the most out of. Spring is more introductory, Summoner is the “test your meddle”, Fall is the “the more you hate your game, the more money you’ll make”, but Winter? Sheesh, almost as boring as working at that Megatainment store…)

I haven’t been able to keep my attention on Animal Crossing for half an hour lately. I just kinda open it up, look around, dig my *’s and sell a couple things and then I’m done. I can’t be bothered, I guess. I feel bad.

If you stop and think about it, you really shouldn’t feel bad. If you quit coming around, they’ll just nab the next “lucky” shmo who comes off the train.

Remember Tortimer? Yeah, they weren’t even nice enough to change his picture in the mayor’s office to yours.

Guilt is not an emotion I’m going to waste on Animal Crossing.

LOL This is all true. I just started it up a few minutes ago to find one of my folks had left. So a little bummed, since he was one of my favorites, but we’ll see how the next one goes. I’m glad to see that it wasn’t one of my super buddies, though. :P

Solomon is my new hero and best friend!!! XD

Also, Thomas seems to have a mind that would make Illuminati shadow governments jealous! Awesome!

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