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I finally sat down and tried Assasin’s Creed 3 yesterday. It was different from what I expected. Much slower starting. it also has the problem of almost all Xbox games of having the most miniscule text and/or putting white text over white backgrounds. The result being a lot of guesswork whenever I got trapped in an activity, like playing a board game. In any event the story was compelling and the minor flaws weren’t enough to truly detract from anything seriously. Not in the very short time I played at any rate. I finally stopped when we arrived in the new world and I misunderstood my notoriety. Assuming that I’d done nothing anyone would have heard about I casually strolled into a place crawling with hessians and red coats. Which resulted in getting chased all over creation while not truly understanding what I needed to do to escape. It was very late and I was too tired to think clearly. Having done nothing important since the incident I simply turned off the system.

After many years I finally completed Find Mii on my 3DS. In fact the game spanned 2 systems. Nintendo’s ill conceived street pass feature has finally taken hold in the one horse town I pass through occasionally. The result being that I have been able to throw Mii upon Mii at the creatures holding poor Nina hostage. Nina is my street pass and Mario Kart Mii, by the way. I’ve actually passed enough people now that I briefly considered purchasing more street pass games. Insane, I know, but a sort of madness fell upon me. I had hope that the street pass feature would actually work now. Luckily I regained my sanity before spending any money.

I used a giftcard my sister gave me to purchase the GOTY edition of Borderlands 2. I haven’t finished 1, but it was $5 new, with free shipping. A deal so good I thought it had to be a scam. I risked it anyway and was pleasantly surprised when a complete and normal copy of the game arrived. As far as I can tell it is legit. At some point I will hopefully be able to finish Borderlands and the sequel will be waiting for me patiently.


Borderlands 2 is well worth it. And beating the first was fun. It’s easier if you have higher level friends, but it can take away from the challenge. Also, AC3 has quite a few “restricted” areas at first. Usually has to do with a treasure or something you can steal and then run away. To reduce notoriety, though, you will pass posters to rip from walls, you can tip off the news-shouter guys (I’m tired and not articulate right now), and you’ll learn about print shops that will take away all notoriety for a fee. Easiest thing to do is usually hide, but even that takes some practice.

It’s good to see more interaction between Nina and T. They really do have a tight friendship and it’s apparent in strips like this. I just wonder where John has been in all this, though I guess his department wouldn’t really benefit from a book signing.

Just take out all and everybody coming after You to reduce notoriety.

The posters, town criers, and print shops are utilised by Ratonhnhaké:ton, not Haytham Kenway.

Use the budget to bribe someone to enable success? Thomas is a strategist.

I’m a tad confused- is the dialog suggesting Thomas used store money to bribe Jess and her friends to buy the books, and the store lost out on money?

nope what the dialog is suggesting is that Tom used the money that the employees where donating into. In an attempt to buy some books because they where not sure how well the signing would go. He then used the money to ‘buy’ a Lobbyist (Jess) to convince a ‘few’ people that the book would be a wise investment.

I love how Thomas’ mind works. I wish I could manage people like that.

I found that Assassins creed 3 made me less interested in the series as a whole. The ending’s far too preachy too. but if you ever want the Jaegar-bomb Achievement, be sure to make some use out of that dart-rope!

The part that amazes me is that Thomas would bother.

Considering how he describes his attitude towards an ex and Dawn was the “ex” that inspired that attitude, it’s amazing that Thomas would go out of his way to try to make the book signing a success, when he could do nothing and let “Constance Willowbrooke’s” book-signing crash and burn.

Maybe he’ll say why. Certainly Nina would be the one to ask the question.

I don’t think he is supposed to have done it for Dawn; he did it for the store, and by extension, for his friends at the store. Successful book signing = income for the store! and the cost of the bribe was less than the cost of the books, so they should have come out ahead overall.

Also, the more time Dawn spends actually signing books the less she could speak with Thomas. I guess that saved a few lives today.

What’s the population of your town, Crave? We’re at about 50,000 and I seem to get enough Street Passes to make progress with the Find Mii stuff.

I still haven’t gotten to Assassin’s Creed 3 either. I have it. It’s sitting over there. I can see it. But I can also see the Far Cry 3 case, and the Borderlands 2 case, and OOT on the 3DS that I still haven’t finished, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team…

Basically, tons of games, no time to do them all.

I feel you, man! I have games between 6 systems which I have yet to play, and it all depends on whether I’m in the mood for a console or a series.

Luckily, I’m only between two consoles this minute, thankfully. If you add the stuff I do on the comp, then three different mediums, but still. All over the place.

I got the extra street pass games, and they are quite enjoyable. I don’t get many hits (I don’t go out much for physical reasons), just my kids really, but I make reasonable progress in all of them. Stuck in Quest 2 in a room I need two yellow mii’s to clear. Should make my kids change color. :)

Is this the poisonous gas room? Cuz I’m stuck there too! Ugh! Nobody likes yellow. Yellow is the kid who eats paste in the corner of the room while everyone else just pretends he doesn’t exist.

I love the streetpass DLC, its not too much money and all 4 of the games are pretty fun. Lots of players at my college so I’ve gotten past the first challenge mark on 3/4 of them. They all have three to four times more content after you beat the initial challenge though.

Nina in panel one is totally fantastically drawn…the way she looks is perfection
I thank you crave for giving us this comic every week. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the absolute fullest please keep it up!

Do you have an HDTV? That could account for the small text problem, if you don’t. Before I upgraded mine, Dead Rising had unreadably small text–but that’s just because they didn’t build the game with standard definition in mind.

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