1182 What Did I Just Say?

I sacrificed a more anime presentation of this moment in favor of drawing a giant panel. Was it the right choice? I don’t know, but I do enjoy painting a tree.

If you look to the underblog you will see links to full size comic panels. Panels large enough to be used to make all manner of desktops. I invite you to do so and share with us all. It occurred to me that there are talented people, with spare time, in the audience. Who would be pleased to take the burden of making such things off of me. In the interest of not grasping control quite so tightly I’ve simply provided the materials. Also, the last link works, but for some reason the server refused to make a thumbnail for it. If you click it you will find the art is there.

The other day the teen threatened to make a dating profile for me someplace. It was an empty threat, but it got me thinking about how interesting it would be if she actually did try to impersonate me. It would basically be like looking at what she thinks I like and how I am. My guess is she would lead with something about My Little Pony because she is obsessed with the fact that I like the show and is always petitioning me to wear things that will let people know where I stand on pony related issues. Honestly though I have no idea what she actually knows about me since a lot of information seems to pass over her like water over a riverbed. I’ve got her all figured out though

Name: Teen

Age: Too young for dating websites

Likes: Penguins, Vampires, werewolves, combinations of vampires and werewolves, Draculas, Blackulas, Son of Kong, Men with angel blood, sensitive bad boys, John Cena, Tripple H before he was a suit, Shawn Michaels, Deadpool, Call Of Duty but not team deathmatches

Dislikes: The Rock, Doing anything, Being noticed, Not being noticed, Snakes, Snakes, Snakes, Food with
nutritional value, School

These are the most important data points I’ve gathered.

I feel like there was something else I was going to talk about, but I’ve forgotten it. I guess if it comes to me I’ll say something about it Monday. Hope to see you then.


Hahahaha. First there’s Jo and Jessie… Then there’s Crave rambles. Both so adorable, I dunno who I want to hug most.

JO IS USING HER CUTENESS TO GET JESSIE TO PLAY IN THE RAIN WITH HER!!!!!! Carol, you are a terribly amazing influence on people.

I like the detail of Jo’s abs under her shirt. Many people tend to overlook such things in this at style. Also, it confirms that she may be small, but she is athletic/fit. And she still finds a way to be completely, adorably, NinJo. And Jess here could be her adorable big sister. :)

I don’t think that’s actually muscle tone. I think the white parts are just wrinkles in the shirt keeping those parts slightly away from her skin.

The last panel, right? It’s the shirt being wet from the rain, peeps ^^

hmm. looking at it on my computer now, looks a bit different. Was closer to her skin tone on my phone in the wet patches, and the pattern resembled tone. Still, even a wrinkled shirt is a detail most people would miss in this situation. I usually see just a wet blob rather than a detailed shape with wrinkles. Either way, good artwork, Crave.

“The rain isn’t always,. You have to enjoy it now.” Where do you find these wonderful bits of philosophy?

I have the real Jo in a box in my basement…

There might not always be rain but there will always be sunshine as long as there is Jo. ^_^

Angelic Vampwolfies? This sounds like the same breeding program that brought us sphinxes! XD

If Jo invited ME to play in the rain, I wouldn’t need much persuasion.

For my part, I’ve had enough playing in the rain, thank you.

Also running, marching, drilling, training, exercising, etc.

“If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training!”

No, we can train just fine out of the rain, too, thank you very much.

You kids go have fun playing in the rain. I’ve already had my fill, is what I’m saying. I can check that one off of my bucket list several dozen times. It’s a thing I’ve done before. I know it well.

I may sound really redundant, but I can’t express how much I’ve already done this, and am not compelled to do it again if I can help it. If I can’t, well, you know. Business as usual.

Soggy adorable girls are soggy. Also adorable. That word seems to be getting a lot of use on this page.

Name: Teen

Wouldn’t that be, The Teen, since that’s how you always describe her? I tried to get on a dating website, but Our Time said I was too old…


The Creepiness Standard states:

Do not date under
(X/2 + 7)

Nor inversely over
(X*2 – 7)

Where `X’ is equal to Your age in years.

So I shouldn’t date anyone under 35 or date anyone over 105? Cool! :)

I saw that calculation in a “Rules of Thumb” book years ago. I guess I’m the same age as @JSStryker since I’m restricted to the same range.

So the youngest i can date is 15 (Okay makes sense)… and the oldest is 25?! Something doesn’t seem right about that.

So… when I first had a girlfriend, in order for me to not be creepy, she had to be at least 11 and a half, but no more than 9..

I think there’s a problem with that formula. I am not sure exactly why, but it feels a bit too simplistic.

It rained here last week. Problem is, “here” is northern Alberta. It’s not supposed to rain here. It was -20 (Celcius, look it up), then it rained, then it was -25 again. Not. Fun.

As to the art on this page-was it the right choice? I don’t know (the absence of Carol puts it at a disadvantage), but it was a good choice.

I’m sure this isn’t really necessary, but I feel I must make some mention of the whole girls in wet T-shirts thing.

There. I mentioned it. Mission accomplished.

That “rain isn’t always” line is so lovely. “You have to enjoy it now.” I’m sure I’m going to end up using it in my life. :)

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