1458 And The Rest Of The Day To You.

What’s this? Nina actually enjoyed Reggie fawning over her a little bit maybe?

Sometimes, when I’m feeling shitty, I will order stuff that I wouldn’t normally because dying with a lot of money in the bank you never enjoyed bums me out. It’s not like I’m in mortal peril all the time, but I don’t feel well yet, so I’m always uneasy. That’s not to say that one shouldn’t save up for medical expenses, or what have you, but at the same time you should enjoy the fruits of your labors. Anyway, it gives me something to look forward to and helps me ignore the soul crushing emptiness of my life. Recently the item that filled this role was a knock off masterpiece Bluestreak figure. The real deal is between 60 to 80 dollars depending on which version and what seller you choose. The knock off versions are about 30. I’ve never seen a real masterpiece figure from the new series. Years ago, when I was working retail, I got the first version of Optimus Prime And later on Megatron. After that I could never afford any more. I’ve been really curious about them for a long time, even imagining being able to get Soundwave, or maybe Ultra Magnus, but once the prices were revealed that was out of the question. One of my friends has some of them, but he lives far away, so I’ve never even seen someone else’s up close. Oh wait, I got the US release of Starscream somehow, but not any of the car guys. I only had Jazz as a kid, but I always wanted prowl, bluestreak, or smokescreen. They are basically the same toy. Jazz is actually different from them, more fragile in some ways. Strangely they didn’t make him as a masterpiece figure. Not yet anyway, but they made the three others. Bluestreak is one of my favorite characters in the lore. I identified with his personality as a kid. He’s a nervous talker and has anxiety problems. The other day I was just looking over amazon listings for mp figures, because you can preorder the blue diaclone version of Bluestreak now, and the site offered up a listing for KO versions of some of the others. KO is collector talk for knock off. They are usually Chinese replicas made poorly, or cheap versions made with molds that Hasbro, or Takara sold off at some point. I have a couple of KO G1 Devastators I got off ebay ages and ages ago. If you just want something to fill a hole on a shelf they can get the job done on the cheap. Anyway, I read some reviews that were verified sales and decided to get one, just to get a rough idea of what I am missing out on.
It showed up yesterday. I have to say, for a KO this thing is really nice. It looks like its a legit factory reject rather than being made as a copy. It had excessive flashing on a lot of parts, which I removed easily, and some of the joints are a little limber. Apart from that, if I didn’t know where it came from, I would just assume it was a legit Takara toy. It’s as well made as my real MP Megatron, which came with a broken part, and started rusting in the insanely dry air of this state. Honestly, I’m pretty pleased with it. I’d be surprised if the real deal was actually 50$ better than this. Makes me think they’re just jacking up the price to gouge manboys, like myself. In fairness that’s probably about what we deserve in most cases…
At any rate I might take a chance on these again. I’d really like Smokescreen. Its one of those things where you never know what you’re getting till its in your hand though. Since these aren’t legit the quality could vary wildly and I just happened to get lucky once. I guess we’ll just wait and see how things go.

The One Punch Man anime is on Hulu and it’s fucking awesome. I enjoyed the manga, but the animated version is amazing. Its so good it might be the first anime series I’ll buy since I don’t know when. I would love to see Saitama lay out Superman. By the rules of that universe it seems like he could do it easily, which would bum him out endlessly. XD.


All this talk about Transformers really makes me miss those old toys. All the newer Transformers toys have you either press a button or just “flip” them to get them to transform and I just think to myself; what the fuck happened?

Let’s just hope the guys over at Death Battle never do a Saitama vs. Superman. Knowing those guys, they’d give the win to Superman.

Well, if Superman can throw Saitama into outer-space without hitting the moon, Saitama is pretty much screwed.

Fly him through the sun. Worst-case, he’s alive but can’t get footing to chase Supes down. Which would actually be a dark way to go.
We still don’t ACTUALLY know if Saitama needs to breathe. We know he decided to hold his breath just in case. :P

You need to get some of those universe toys or the new combiner wars, like Whirl. Also, third party versions are expensive but works of art. :D

Being a huge Transformer collector, I totally get what you’re saying about the variances of the KO’s and such. I have the KO MP Red Alert version and it was overall fine until one of the windows cracked at a hinge. Not sure if it was my fault or a quality issue to this day.

If you get any more MP’s there’s always Hobby Link Japan. With the yen/dollar right now you can get the real MP’s for around $60 including shipping. Granted that’s about the price of two KO’s, but at least it’s an option while the conversion rate is good.

There’s a February restock of Ultra Mangus with a current pre order price of 118.00 US before shipping. If the conversion holds that’s about what I paid for mine, and with shipping it was less than 150.00, which is about 30-50 less than any price I’ve seen domestically in a while.

Hope this helps some!

It’s surprising sometimes where you get your ego fulfillment from. Nina’s a wonderful friend and person, but she’s allowed a little bit of egotism I think.

Nina did once say that Reggie treated her very well. Perhaps in her darker moments, she drew a little spiritual and mental reinforcement from that?

She also seems like the kind of person who’d want to try to be friends with most people, especially co-workers, even if she ends up disappointed. Plus sometimes it’s just weird for someone to react much differently from how they usually do. To her, Reggie being quiet could just as easily reflect something wrong as something right (for him).

But if the ego boost is a factor that’s really pretty natural. Being held in someone’s high regard can feel good. So we still get back to it feeling weird for someone to react differently from the usual.

Well, at least Reggie was smiling when he spoke to Nina.

Smiling Reggie is scary.

“It looks like its a legit factory reject rather than being made as a copy.”

Oh, thanks. I had a mouthful of water when I read that and almost did a spit take.

I buy stuff I wouldn’t ordinarily when I’m really bored at work. I’m supposed to be working on a project, but the Technical Architecture Lead can’t stop bickering with the internal clients and nobody can get the software installed on my machine, anyway. So I bought a toy that would let me temporarily install a hard drive in my home server.

I can’t afford the transformers either, so I just make my own with Lego. The new mini balljoint pieces introduced with the Mixels line are suer useful for smaller details and smaller figures.

Bionicle sets (new and old) are also super useful depending on the aesthetic you’re going for and eben have a specific name, “bioformers”.

I kind of understand what Nina is feeling.

There once was a woman who had a big crush on me in college.
I had told her, kindly, that I wasn’t interested in being her girlfriend. She later came to accept that.

I didn’t stress out about assisting her, but she was really shy for awhile, + I helped her find ways to: feel better about herself, + to feel more confident.

I met her years later. She was then very happy + very outgoing, + her confidence drew people to her.

After meeting her, at that “years later” event, we went our separate ways.
After she had left, I had this small, sharp, nagging feeling of: [Dang. I kinda miss her past flirting + her talking to me in the past, now]. Hm.
It happens, I guess. It happens.

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