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The beauty school the Teen goes to gave away some out of date products to them. She picked out some foot cream for me, but I opened the jug and it is SUPER scented. I can tolerate some scented stuff, but this stuff is crazy smelly. It smells kind of like mint cough drops. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to use it but maybe my mom will like it.

Certain strong smells give me really bad headaches. I don’t know why, but a lot of scented candles do it. Particularly vanilla and coffee. Scented trash bags also give me a headache, even if I can barely smell them. I have no idea why that would be, but it’s true.
Berry scented candles don’t seem to be a problem, but basically I just have to try one and see what happens. I don’t know what the x factor is between the scents, I just know it exists.


Well we know what kind of stuff Nina’s into….

All the stuff…

All the stuff? All, Mr. Wohlenhaus? Is she into bukkake?

Huh, her eyebrow under her hair is a bit funny in the last panel. Thought I had a hair on my monitor for a sec.

I’m a bit surprised he can walk after his lunch escapades.

…God damn, Nina! It’s a good thing that none of her friends are too prudish, or else they’d consider it an invasion of privacy.

Scent sensitivity – I have it too. Had to get off the bus early because someone sat beside me wearing Irish Spring soap scent. Way too intense. In my case, I have ADD and heightened sensitivity to stimulus is an aspect of that.

I got auditory sensitivity instead┬░, but I imagine it sucks just as bad. Though, I experience sso much of my world through scent, so a smell sensitivity would probably be hell for me.

┬░I can still hear all of the mosquito ringtones even though I’m in my mid-30s.

Tactile sensitivity here. Makes certain things a problem such as getting my twice yearly bloods done or having my flu jab.

Don’t get me started on trips to the dentist.

Yeah certain sounds make me wanna scream in pain too. Babies crying for some reason hurts me as does someone cracking their bones.

The scents in those things are probably all synthetic volatile organic compounds. Lots of people are sensitive to them.

I’m not allergic to them, but I don’t like them, either.

Uhm, just out of curiosity, how do you differentiate between natural VOCs and synthesized VOCs?

I ask because I only went as far as first year chem and then learned through osmosis while in the pharmaceutical industry. Got there through a really strange set of tangents on my career path.

I do know that compounders for household cleaners use much higher concentrations of scent agents now than they did back in the day due to a number of factors. Buyers wanting them is huge but also to better hide the not so pleasant scents associated with modern cleaning agents and their preservatives.

Me, I don’t care for anything scented lemon fresh – lets just say 10 skids of lemony fresh liquid laundry soap mixed with a similar stack of bleach on a warehouse floor is not “pleasant”. Otherwise my reaction to most scents is usually watery eyes, mild cough and nausea – haven’t had an allergic asthma attack in decades.

My wife’s an asthmatic and very scent-sensitive – we have to keep our washcloths in different locations, and I had to change my shaving soap due to its scent setting her off. It’s not that uncommon.

Perhaps there’s a common compound used in the commercial production of scents? A fixative or preservative or something like that?

Is there an industrial chemist in the house?

Fragrance sensitivity is fairly common. It is very similar to having an allergic reaction. The particles trigger an adverse reaction in the body. The most common reactions are either a giant headache, sore throat, or a skin rash.

So for those of you who break out in what appears to be random skin rashes and you have no idea what sets them off, you might want pay attention to what kind of scents are in the area when you have an allergic reaction. You may have fragrance sensitivity.

Office lady used to have some pumpkin spice scented candles. Smelled like cigars to me. And I hate cigars. Really surprising that she found it pleasant.

Yeah, scent sensitivity is a pain. I don’t think it’s so much the scent itself but the binders that work with the scent. The cleaning aisles in grocery stores, and the side of the mall with Bed, Bath, and Beyond used to be places I couldn’t go. Companies have wised up a little bit and are a bit more selective about the chemicals they use. I still get reactions, but not nearly as bad or as common as did 30 years ago.

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