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I imagine they’ll mention it at some point, but Rulette’s & the coffee shop Evrina works at, whose name escapes me at the moment, are both in the old main street area of the town. It’s sort of like business purgatory for small towns, if you’ve never been to one. Technically both businesses are in the same old hotel structure but are at opposite ends. So they are sort of like business roommates. Of course Rulette’s has been in the same space, although under a different name, for much longer.

Chasm is in the eshop for the Switch & it looks really good. I have a memory of someone mentioning it. It looks like something I could very much enjoy… My understanding is that the game is somewhat hampered by the randomization of the areas though. Still, it looks like a lot of fun. I’m putting it on my list and gonna research a bit I think.


And thus my vocabulary has been expanded today to include “Grift”

It’s probably already in your vocabulary, but, “subversion”, is another fun word to know. :)

I think my favorite sub version is the Nautilus ;-)

*facepalm* That’s brilliant!

Another term for lazy jarheads is- sub marines.

Wow, this is turning into a real deep dive into seamen …

Bwa ha ha! :D

The guy who repairs my scuba suit, says that I blew a seal….

Found it. I think the cafe that Evrina works at is named: God Be With Brew.

Honestly now that I’ve heard it again, I prefer “Holy Grounds”

That’s bean used (multiple times if google is to be believed) — e.g. http://www.holygroundscoffeeandtea.com.

I think Jackie likes to give us mugs something a little fresher …

Aroma Joe’s, Dunkin Donuts, God Be With Brew, Capo Chino’s, Taking it Black, Bean Yourself, The Daily Grind, The Best Part of Waking Up…, Central Perk, Java Be Taking Care Now, He Brews, The Black Carafe, Black Magic, I Love the Black Stuff, Tall Hot & Black, It’s Easy Being Black, I’m Gonna Be Latte, Let’s Mocha Some Magic, Es-Press Yourself, Mambo Americano…

I think I’ve covered most of the puns. Most of them. Golf clap for myself.

All these puns made me remember the debut of a young comedienne [latter-to-be-known-as-Lavern] in an episode of All in the Family where she played a waitress in a coffee shop – she was always complaining that everyone was calling out to her [ I-need-a-coffee ] – At the end she lost it and told everyone to please call her by her proper name – Anita Cappuccino

That was me back on #1900. Like I said there, I probably have a fair chunk of positive bias, because I backed the Kickstarter, but it could hit a sweet spot for you, too. So long as you’re checking out reviews, I don’t think it’ll throw too many extreme curveballs your way.

So…she suddenly stopped talking with Ed, started T-posing and clipped all the way to the cafeteria in the short period that was Carol’s fuck?

Answering a thing Jackie said, on twitter, about BH: I think the Disney film, the Black Hole is being talked about much…online, since the TCM channel has just said they’re going to show BH, + other Disney “treasures”/films, this month. *Shrugs*

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