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Reggie is not in to boy talk.

Sometimes, after I take my daily medicine, I have a weird spasm that happens kind of in my tummy area. It feels like my insides shift, or drop, and I get dizzy and hot. It onlt lasts for a few seconds, and doesn’t happen every time. The first time it happened it triggered a bad panic response because I was just leaving the bathroom and suddenly felt like I was going to fall over. I spent most of the day recovering from the trauma of the panic, and felt weak for a few days. The second time it happened I was laying in bed because I was not sleeping at a regular time because of the sleep mask. The panic response was just as strong and I spent the same length of time recovering from it. The next time I just let it happen and didn’t allow myself to freak out. It wasn’t fun, but I was over feeling bad by the next day or so. It still doesn’t feel right, but I don’t completely melt down over it which is what is really hard on my body. It happened again today. I didn’t freak out but it did make me feel bad on top of not feeling right from my back being sore and other problems I’m having. I eventually just laid down on the floor and went to sleep, without my mask on, for the better part of the day. I just got up to write this post and decided to talk about this because it’s a big part of what’s keeping me from working like normal.

I did two days worth of work last night, around 3 AM till 8 or so AM. I was feeling pretty good and knew I needed to take advantage of it. On Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment. I wish it was sooner because I feel bad. I hurt all over at the moment. I really want to start feeling better, so I can get on with my life.

I’ve also developed some kind of problem with my left hand. Like, a tendon or something on the back, where it meets the wrist is hard and sore. My right hand doesn’t even seem to have this part. I guess it must be from sleeping on it funny, or holding my surface for hours at a stretch. or maybe both, I don’t know. If I press on it the whole hand are a feels fuzzy, so maybe it’s a nerve? It’s not like it’s super painful, but I notice it sometimes and don’t want it to become a problem. The wrist doesn’t feel right on that side. It feels a little swollen. Just enough to notice that it’s off. Just another thing I need to discus with the doctor. I really hope it’s cold on Tuesday. I can stay mobile a lot longer when it’s cold and the office is an hour away.

I also decided to buy Mario Maker since Splatoon gets me so riled up I can’t play it when I feel sick. It’s pretty neat. I’ve seen some amazing stages… and some really terrible ones. The one I made is pretty simple, since I didn’t have time to tinker very much, but you can do lots of tricks to get extra guys. It’s a pretty chill “game” most of the time so I can play it as I nod off. I also unlocked all the amiibo I have including some of my Animal Crossing cards, which was surprising. I tried them on a whime and some of the special cards worked. I want to make a level where Tom Nook gets all the coins. XD


Well that’s one thing I have in common with Reggie. I’m not into boy talk either.

I’m not into this infantile tradition of talking about a woman like a vehicle or hunting trophy, either. However, if someone–preferably someone who’s respectful enough to hear about my private sentiments–asks me about some woman who I’ve met, then I’ll describe her and the time we spent together to them…

…Yes, that still means she’s having her specifications divulged unto another’s ear, but I won’t speak about it in any petulant manner.

Ayup. I once had a co-worker who – when I mentioned a female acquaintance in ANY context – would interrupt with an eager “IS SHE PRETTY???!?!?!?!”

I was not only offended by the interruption, but by the irrelevant personal question.

I always said. “Yes,” and continued what I was saying.

Unfortunately, I work with railroaders., and many of them suffer others with their arrested development. No, they don’t all act like horny frat boys, but enough of them do that it gets really annoying (probably around 1/3 of them).

You are mixing the Kaio-Ken with Super Saiyan techniques. There is up to Super Saiyan 3, and then Super Saiyan God. There is no Super Saiyan 4 because GT is about as canon as AF. I am liking this arc with Reggie and his new main squeeze though.

I almost forgot how excited I was about Reggie and his soon to be datey-lady. Now I’m remembering and excited!

While I’m looking forward to seeing how Reggie and Alex’s date goes, I must admit I thought she’d end up with John instead. But maybe that means we’ll get to see more of Victoria or Bridgette. :)

Hope you feel better soon Jackie!

I feel like it’d kind of ruin John’s entirely valid point about how no one has to be attracted to people based purely on whether or not their a good person and set all physical preference aside. He’s not into Alex (or wasn’t initially, I guess he is now?), but he can still appreciate her as a person and he doesn’t not talk to her just because he doesn’t want to do her.

I feel like while any human being is considerably more than their outward appearance, a good outward appearance certainly helps attract people so they can begin to learn about your personality. After all dating is meant to get to know someone better, but appearance is all you really have to go off of when you first meet someone. Admittedly not sure Mike was appropriately concerned about who she was as a person but I’m real life appearance is always the first thing you notice in anyone. Also in his defense Reggie was the one who chose how to describe her, he could have also been more tactful and Mike would have likely responded the same

Fair enough, but for the sake of argument…

One person’s view of appearance differs from the next and so on. I’ve been witness to a sizable number of instances where people’s appearance were shuffled into the backseat. Reggie’s case is no exception to this, especially when you consider his drive towards Nina.

Though, given everything you’ve described, I’d be a thief and a liar if I were to say appearance never meant anything to me. What pains me the most of Mike’s display here is the cheese. While there is truth to said cheese, it still stands as a blemish on my very existence; thus, making it difficult to watch in any format…

And how wasn’t he tactful? He described what he considered her most important, notable and attractive attributes. Remember that to Reggie, personality is what draws him in. It’s not that Nina’s hot that he likes her, it’s that she’s well-read, intelligent, fun and PASSIONATE.

I was referring to Mike being untactful, not Reggie. I already noted that Reggie was more interested in Nina’s mind versus her looks.

The more interesting question is where in this backwater part of Kansas will Reggie & Alexander will go to find a bit of sophisticated culture apart from her family library? Will they be content with stimulating conversation at an Olive Garden?

History Museum. Every small town has them. And they could always road trip it to the Dodge City casino or the river walk in Wichita.

Its been my experience that most men, when they are genuinely interested or involved with a woman, won’t talk about her attributes or the intimate moments with other men. At least nothing that could be considerd crude or hurt feelings if revealed later.

However, I have heard that women seem to have no problem telling their girlfriends all sorts of intimate details. Of course this is only second hand knowledge, as being male I am not privy to most girl talk.

If any female readers wish to verify or correct me, please do.

As a male who occasionally has worked in otherwise all-female shops, I can verify that, yes–they do. In terrifying, excruciating detail. After making sure you are within earshot.

And raising their voices if you are not. And increasing the level and squickiness of the detail if you do not react.

They find it quite entertaining.

I only just found out about this comic about… 8 hours ago, besides a small break Ibinge read it all…I am sorry to see I couldnt go forward any more, defiantly going to keep up with it though, I was chuckling most of the way through there were some good emothional parts though…all in all I loved it

The thing on your wrist is probably a ganglion cyst. I have one on the right. Obviously I’m not a doctor, so take that with a grain of salt. If it is a ganglion cyst, it’s nothing to worry about. Mine was huge for about a year and now it’s pretty small. I tried a few treatments, none of which really worked. There is surgery for it, but even if you do that, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll come back. I ended up not having the surgery because I moved out of state before the surgeon could schedule it, and it went down to a tiny bump on its own anyway. When it was big, it only bothered me by being ugly and noticeable, and sometimes the nerve in my hand would snap across it, which sounds like what you’re describing. They’re really common. My parents thought it was horrible, but since then they’ve each gotten one.

Wow! You got two days’ work done in around 5 hours? It takes me that long to do a half-day’s work! With the way you’re feeling, that’s truly impressive.

It reminded me of a cartoon I saw many, many years ago. It was about college life, and the caption went: “By staying up all night I got a whole week’s worth of homework done. Too bad it’s two weeks late.”

…not to say that your work is late, or in any way substandard. It was the staying up all night part that jogged my memory…

You could have a cyst, as suggested, you could also be developing carpal tunnel. The whole fuzzy feeling when you press on it sounds familiar. As for the med thing and being sick all the time – I totally get it. It’s kept me from working for quite some time, too. :/ It can be rough. I had to take prednisone for something and it worked like a charm… except for the fact that it made me faint. Meds are both helpful and awful. I hope that this either goes away with time or you find a better combination that doesn’t cause that reaction…

Your dizzy episodes sound a little like something I occasionally have. I recognized mine as a heart issue but the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong until he put me in a 24 hour holter monitor, and diagnosed me with premature ventricular contractions. They were scary before I knew they were harmless, and they often make me dizzy for a bit, and I was able to change some of the pills I take (specifically, no longer taking calcium) to reduce the episodes. No idea if it’s the same thing but it sounded kind of familiar – the shifty feeling and the dizzy/hot feeling.

I love your comic and I have been reading it for a while. I don’t normally comment on the comics I read because I never know what to say. I was reading about your wrist problem though, and while I’m not sure if it would help or not, you might go in for a manicure with a hand/arm massage. I’m an artist and I have carpotunnel syndrome in both my wrists, and when my wrists are bothering me one of those helps a lot.

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