1445 No Promises.

I spent most of last night and today trying to finish up next weeks pages with nicer backgrounds. My sleep schedule is so screwed up I’m awake and asleep almost at random. I did happen to turn on Splattoon and found out a Splatfest was going on, so luckily I didn’t miss out totally. I only got to the penultimate rank, but I’ll still get some snails.

I think I’m going to try and sleep now. Maybe I’ll feel better after and I can get more work done. I want to make some more elements I can use to make backgrounds faster.


Reggie does not do bro bonding. It’s not his thing.

Neither do I. How can one define beauty when it’s quantified by an individual’s physical ideals. Some people love thin to skeletal supermodels, some thin with a little pudge in the right places, some fat as cows, some diminutive, some statuesque, some extroverted, some introverted, some stupid, some intelligent, and some others can love a number of trivial physical/mental traits. The list is quite long, and that more than proves my point. Not that the jocks will pay any attention to thoughts of this depth, but rather they’ll continue to love the Daisy Dukes and Farah Fawcetts (to whom we were conditioned to love by our lousy country, no less).

Hmm… I can’t find a single word to dispute or disparage. I like ’em all, equal opportunity-style.

I saw a sweet young lady dropped at her place of work, this morning. Cute li’l thing; about 5’4″, maybe 25, with the straight, honey-gold hair starlets would die for, a little pudgy in no places any guy would mind, stuffed into ‘way too little mini-skirt (and by that I mean, just enough to be legal) stepping out of a car the deposit for which would stagger my annual salary. As I passed by, I noticed that Sugar Daddy was at least my age, that is to say, in the +-60 range. Can you say, “Trophy Wife?” Sure you can.

I was a patient at an orthodontist office where the orthodontist was constantly trying to hit on his female nurses or asking is patient if they had a girlfriend recommendation. He was pathetic and surprised that none of his assistants filed sexual harassment charges against the creepy perv.
I’m just saying Mike comes off looking pathetic and desperate.

Even big guys need love, and with one noticeable exception the library furry group seem pretty excepting. That could work for mike. Better yet…

They seem more accepting than excepting, really.
…huh. Ironic that those are so close to being homophones.

In some people’s pronunciations (mine included), they essentially are homophones. If I think about it, I’ll pronounce the a and the e differently, but I don’t think I do when I actually use the words in a sentence.

Sooo… Mike with Reggie’s sister? Any takers?

Oh, hell no! She would hate his guts! John, on the other hand, is a possibility. A realistic one, too, as he mentioned very early in the comic that he doesn’t view fat people as eye candy. He’s only become more accepting because Alex helped him immensely with both paranormal research for Brooksie, as well as providing him an outlet for his guiltiest pleasure: furries.

Mike, dude… But surprisingly not, it´s in his character. Teddy-bear or man-child, that´s no lure to many… but he´s trying, at least. Still, I don´t think he would easily fit in the “furry” group theme. Lest something unexpected happens. (By the way, I´m still on the fence about the VicxJohn posible pairing… John needs to shine!)

I’m going to have to step in for Mike’s defense here. As a working professional it can be very hard to meet people that are outside your established social circle. Adding to the fact his level of responsibility is a few notches above the Reggie and even Carol levels, and with the already cemented levels of “ain’t nothing to do ’round these parts” vibe, I can totally understand his desire to meet a whole different cache of people. Especially given Reggies’ discerning tastes, these new ladies might actually be interested in a man like Mike, lack of rock hard abs and all.

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