1419 The Likes Of Which God Has Never Seen.

Some of you might remember the guest pages that Satalite09 did for me. I decided to keep the outfits and just make them a thing that happened at some point. Morning Jo is fun to draw. Much more fun than Morning Joe.

I’m not going to make a huge post tonight because I really need to stay on task and get more pages done. So I’ll catch you up on Friday.


Obviously, Jess has taken unfair advantage of the fact that SHE got waked up an hour or so ago, because i remember HER when the doorbell rang and woke her…

So here’s the link to the guest comic in question. I went back into the archives to find it and clicked on a comic from last year as I was scrolling and fell down the rabbit hole re-reading the story. I must say, since the character development that was done with Reggie re-reading the comic changed the way viewed the scenes he was in. Totally worth going back to square one and reading again. Thank you!

The reference to the guest comic prompted me to go check out Satalite09’s site via the link. Crave – you know some talented people. I really liked the site. Thanks for sharing the link with us again.

I’m blaming the sexual innuendo and well, straight up dick jokes from the arc previous for where my mind went with this one. Immediately. On the first panel…

o god why would you reference that awful movie?!

While the movie was less than stellar the book series was awesome and deserves every mention it can get ;)

“Awful”? I liked the movie, honestly… and I’m a huge fan of the books. I’m sure you’re probably referencing the old movie with that comment (the one with Sting in a speedo and Captain Picard), but I always thought that one was kind of cool in an 80s B-movie sci-fi way even if it wasn’t too accurate. The Sci-fi miniseries version from the early 2000s was at least mostly accurate to the events of the books and not terribly acted. I’ve always felt like animation would be able to portray Dune much better than live action but I’m doubtful that anything of the sort will ever happen.

Maybe if kosperry is a fan.

She’s done some Don Bluth style mockups of animation for a 5 Nights at Freddy’s 2 cartoon.

1418 to 1420…you know what this means? Crave, you owe the viewers 2 pages this Friday: a 1419 and a 1421!! Haha!

The movies not so bad if you watched it nearer to when it came out and never read the book. ( I like to read but I admit my dry spell of novel consumption has helped considerably with my movie watching )

I wish you logged into skype more often – I feel awkward leaving comments in here for some reason.

Just want to say that if we ever get to Jo’s movie I want an over the top action scene, because if you sat down to do it you’d provide the single greatest story within story ever.

Skype is such a mess right now I hate using it, plus it signs me in automatically every time I check my email. I can’t figure out where the damn settings are since its part of outlook now, or some shit. It really irritates me.

Hey, Crave. I can do it, too!

We follow a minotaur born of a Japanese demon whose fondness for beastiality causes him to impregnate a cow.

He’s always on the run. He never can quite stay ahead of his nature as a pathological liar, or the infamy he’s gained from it.

Bull Oni

from the creators of liar liar, and knocked up, featuring Adam Sandler and liam neason as the cow.

its going to be utterly horrific

If there EVER was a time when I was not a fan of this webcomic since I started reading it, that first panel with Jo completely annihilated it. Jackie, you truly are an artist of the highest caliber. After the seriousness of the Thomas/Carol interaction, that was perfect…

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