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Satalite09 continues his guest run with this offering. You can find his work over at Magical Girl Neil And I think we all owe him at least a link click, don’t you?
I have to say that the artists that chose to help me out this time really took one for the team, giving me time they could hav e spent on their work. I really appreciate it. This comic is my primary source of income now, so if it falters I’m well and truly ruined. It may seem like a small thing, but not having content when you say you will loses the casual readers than make my ad money. I know that there are at least 100 truly dedicated readers who buy art and support me on patreon, but you can’t discount the casual reader who can’t contribute monetarily. Their views are important too. A glance at the page, even if this is your tenth favorite comic is just as good to me as if I’m number one. Also, if you are truly dedicated, but can’t help out any way other than reading, don’t feel bad. Being here is enough. I’m glad yopu come here at all and allow me to do this for my living.

That right there is why I’m obsessed with working on the comic. You guys are my employer. If I don’t live up to your expectations you fire me by way of never coming back. I take this seriously because it’s my main job now. I’ve worked for a lot of shitty companies that I didn’t care about. I never worked very hard though. I’ve given up so much to do this and worked harder at it than anything. It may not always show by way of skill, but I’m always trying to do better. I want to bring you the best comic I can and continue telling my stories as long as you’ll indulge me. I know you guys want me to take it easy, but I just can’t. I can’t lose this, not ever. If I didn’t have this comic I would have no reason to live. That’s not just hyperbolic talk. I can’t imagine not being able to do this. The thought of it keeps me awake. I gambled my entire life on this. And knowing what I know now I’d do it again! In a heartbeat. In fact i’d do it faster. Because this is the only thing I’ve ever done in my life where I felt like I was contributing to the world in a positive way.
Every email I’ve ever gotten where someone told me that I helped them get through a hard time makes it worth it to me. Every date I could have gone on, children I’ll never have, places I’ll never see, are all worthy sacrifices for the altar of my art. I made my choice and stand by it. I’ll burn myself down to nothing to tell you my stories.
Other artists coast along, with more talent, training, ect… They go on vacations, take breaks, have hiatuses, but I do everything in my power to keep working. And they should fear me, because while they play I’m always coming for them. Slowly, inexorably, gaining ground, until one day I will take away some portion of what they take for granted, and forge it into my iron throne, where I will draw comics in the blood of my rivals…
I will never be the best, but as long as I draw breath I will be here for you. I will find a way to make sure something is always here an new when you come to this place 3 days a week. Because you are important to me. Don’t ever doubt it. As long as you support me I will be here.

My friend Ian set up this go fund me to give people who want to donate a place that’s just for straight up donating. Here’s the link. I still haven’t finished paying the $4000 dollars back from the last time I went to the hospital. I was there almost 3 times as long this time. The bill will be significant even with my insurance. It’s decent for the affordable care act, but in reality it’s not very affordable. Seriously, every little bit helps. Even if you only throw in a dollar, I’ll never sneer at that. A lot of little kindnesses add up to a lot way faster than people realize. Don’t think that your contribution is too small because there’s no such thing. I don’t know if you have to hit the goal to get the money generated, or what, but even if $4000 ends up being half of what I owe it will ease my payments at least enough to set me back to where I was before I went to the hospital the first time. And don’t think I believe that I shouldn’t be responsible for paying my own bills. I absolutely belive that each person should be responsible for themselves, but some of you want to contribute and I am not proud. I want help and I’m not afraid to ask for it.

I very much like Patreon because it recurs each month, so even if it’s only a dollar. People are more likely to keep contributing for longer if it’s a small charge once a month. I help out the podcasts I listen to with a dollar micropayment from paypal every month. If you want to go that route please do. I try to have a few extra things to make it seem like you’re getting your dollar’s worth. You can have a sketch or an avatar, and if I have timer I’ll let you have another every other month or so. I don’t encourage big patreon pledges, but if you go really high I will be forced to do something special for you every month. You can share with the group, as my top patron has, or keep it to yourself. That said, I have about 6k readers. If even half of them pledged $1 a month there’s no end to what I might be able to turn this comic into. And I could certainly pay my medical bills. Nina is the link on the sidebar, but here it is in case you don’t want to scroll. LINK


As a reader, I would rather wait until you were healthy enough to draw safely than have you work yourself into the ground trying to please us. I’m happy with anything you put out, at any pace you like.

I appreciate your work ethic, but please don’t die on us. I’m happy to keep up the Patreon, as long as you intend to someday return to the comic. Just keep in mind that us long-time readers know your struggle, and will support you through the good times and the bad times.

In an effort to still produce Between Failures, but not at the cost of your health, would you consider planning more arcs for future use, going back to black and white comics (you [or dedicated readers] could fill them in at a later date), or possibly switching to a twice a week release schedule? Some artists have even redrawn their original strips in their current style for release content. You have probably thought of all of these ideas before (or other people have already suggested them), but I sincerely hope you find some way of still expressing your creativity and dedication to your life’s work, while managing to let your body recover.

Thanks to Satalite09 for helping out. I’m currently going through his archives, and it’s good stuff!

Your comments in the blog reminded me of Charles Schultz. He said that all he ever wanted to be was a cartoonist. It broke his heart when he was forced to retire from Peanuts. In fact he died just 2 days before his final strip was published. He couldn’t live without his work. And in my opinion, being compared to Charles Schultz in any way is a good thing.

Keep up the good work. We’re here with you.

Hope this isn’t an annoying question – but have you checked your progress towards your out-of-pocket limit on your health insurance? Most plans I know of have one – and you may be close to it! At which point it switches to covering everything 100%… but the insurance company won’t always “notice” unless you ASK. (The whole point of health insurance is SUPPOSED to be to cover catastrophic expenses, after all… and most plans have a point where they switch over.)

It’s at least a chance that your insurance will be more useful than you think.

Also – I’m one of those casual readers. I enjoy reading, but unfortunately I’m tapped out on Patreon budget until at least a year from now!

Do you have a PayPal account? That’s easier and more direct (for those of us on PayPal) than the GoFundMe route for individual donations.

Since I started reading this, I have to say that even if you’re not the best, I have a lot more respect for you than other artists.

I live in Europe, so your midnight, when most webcomic artists post, is about 9:00 in the morning for me. I wake up around 9:00 in the morning and I check my webcomics as one of the first things to do to start my day. I think a lot of artists don’t consider us over here – they think if they’re late on their comic by a couple hours, it doesn’t matter because it’ll still be up when most people start their day – not true for us on the eastern hemisphere.

This makes you and Ryan Sohmer (who I’m pretty sure is kind of an arrogant dick) two of my most respected webcomic artists. You two are always on time, you take your deadlines seriously, and quite frankly, I’ll probably stick by you two even if neither of you are my favorites just because you’ve earned my respect in a way that affects me directly as a person (Sohmer’s dickishness doesn’t affect me in any way that matters). When I wake up in the morning, Between Failures and Least I Could Do are always waiting for me. You are the only two consistents on my list. For that, you’ll always have my respect and support, so thank you!

Careful. We’re not you’re employers, we’re your customers. Web comic readers (and the internet in general) are notoriously hard to please and like to complain. Psychologically, it’s more crucial to keep all your bosses happy than it is to keep individual members of your customer base.

Thinking of us as your employers can lead to a mental break down as it did for Tarol Hunt of Goblins who stopped updating for about a year and lost a lot of income because of a mental break down. Relax and don’t be like THunt.

Don’t forget Jeph Jacques went through some pretty bumpy times as well and he is also one of those who self flagellates whenever he is late or misses a posting.

Many of us appreciate all of your content. Commentary as well as comic. Hey, I never would have known about State of Decay without that…

Take care of yourself, and don’t worry about us, we aren’t going anywhere (unless you went over exclusively to single frames of goofy animals with feeble jokes attached, not mentioning any names…) You’re too late with Satalite09, because I started reading Magical Girl Neil about a month ago :-)

Hopefully Brooksie is a bit better behaved than some of the cats I’ve known.

As one of your employers, you’re hired. Your job now is to get better so you can get better at your art.

You may never consider yourself ‘the best’ but there are so many styles to be ‘the best’ in, you can make your own little niche to be the best in. Your art is good enough to tell your story in an intelligent and creative way. There is also no ambiguity about it – we know what’s going on. Speaking for me, I like it.

I open your comic every day. Even though you do not update every day, I open it because it usually makes me smile. Or I notice something I missed. So, yes, your art and your stories are not only well received, but admired and loved.

You are not so bad yerself, ya big lug.

Yeah, that’s our Brooksie — graceful as a cat, in so many ways.

Oh, thanks for the heads-up on Magical Girl Neil. Because so many of the webcomics I used to read are going dark (Count Your Sheep, Babe in the Woods, Dissonance, to name a few) have gone dark.

Oh, Jackie — and I saw your photo with the vultures in the Titter feed. Dude, get your hair cut before you start looking like Chumlee on Pawn Stars.

You know, I read the last few pages just now. And I have to say I liked the previous artstyle more. Sorry to say that, knowing how much work you put into it.

Am enjoying the guest strips, I was already reading his comic, I am even more of a fan now. You do whatever you need to do to get better.

Hey, J.T.!

I’m truly saddened by your medical issues! I hope you get back on your feet soon. I’ll be in contact with some $$ later.

BTW . . .

Sometimes I imagine that Brooksie hums to herself “One is Pig and the Other is Monkey. Together they are — Pig and Monkey!”

Hee hee . . .


Well, i thought you where pretty cool before
But now?
Fuck man, i respect you, there are so few people who could do what you do
To sacrifice so much, to lose oit on so much just to keep this alive,
I cant even put into words how much god damn respect i have for you.
You’re Amazing
Get well soon.

Mr. comic creator, if you’re reading this and for some reason remembered my last post about magnesium glycinate: don’t use it. For some sad reason all product is contaminated. Instead, if you want, take the cleanest source possible which might be magnesium chlorate from ancient minerals. Just had to get this off my chest.
Get better

Jackie I just wanted to say that I admire your devotion. It’s an admirable thing to have such pride in your accomplishments.

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