1418 Squozen.

You can see a little evidence of my artistic improvements in this page. I finally saw a video that explained how the perspective rulers work in Manga Studio. It really helps with making structures. If photoshop had something like this I never found it, but it basically fixes a huge number of problems I had drawing straight lines on a screen.

All but one thing I had on ebay sold yesterday. It’s really weird. Some of the buyers have no purchase history, which makes me leery of them, but you have to start somewhere. I don’t want to just dismiss them because of that or they’ll never get to buy anything. In any event I need to go down into storage and find more stuff I want to sell. I’d intended to sell off a lot of stuff years ago, but the hassle of tasking pictures and loading them kept me from bothering. Now that phones are also incredibly good cameras that problem is kind of solved. I just need to go down and set up the listings. A lot of the stuff I’m thinking about just charging shipping for, like books I’m never going to read. Just so people can enjoy them. Seems like a waste for them to sit in a dark room until I die and they get thrown away. Better to let them go to someone who will enjoy them.

I’ve got some Final fantasy stuff kicking around. With the remake of 7 on the way those might be worth something. Also some stuff from 9 I think. People just kind of like 9. Unfortunately I don’t think I have the furry rat dragoon everyone wants to fuck. A furry with deep pockets could buy me lunch for a few weeks with their ratlust. There are possibly some duplicate mold transformers I’d consider selling, b ut I’m not sure how that will go. I think I have all the parts but knowing me I sorted the missiles into some random box someplace and I won’t be able to sell them till I find it.

Anyway that’s just what I happen to be thinking about at the moment. Now that i’m done with the muffintop stuff I have more time to finish other obligations, and get back to normality a little more.

I’m probably going to switch to a different provider for the c pap thing. The dudes in the town nearer to me are kind of shit. They won’t even send me bills like a normal company. I sure a shit don’t want to let them have access to a bank account. I wouldn’t trust them any further than I could throw their incompetent, lumberjack receptionist. I’ll end up with them taking off with all my money or some shit. I should have known better than to do business in that place. Convenience dicked me over. They came by the house and apparently I didn’t hear them knock. Based on their note I don’t think they even knew what they were supposed to be doing. Also they didn’t turn in any of the insurance paperwork. I’ll be damned if I’m paying them full price on this not working piece of shit because of them being useless… This is how killing sprees start. Little things that build up over time. Then I easily buy a million guns because my background is spotless, apart from a fish and game citation from a dickhead who saw me cleaning up someone else’s fishing poles. Grrrr…

I want some Chinese food. I’m going to have to learn to make it myself


Good god, I thought I taught you to make simple fried rice at one point. Like, in a microwave of all things (and I loathe microwaves…)

Or is that just my mind screwing with me again in an attempt to make me think I’ve done things of sorts with my life?

I think Carol just pinched Thomas’ cheeks.

And not the ones that are turning red.

That’s what I was under the assumption of, that look on her face(and on his), and the fact that he’s still wearing the tight tight shorts she got for him… Yeah I definitely think she’s getting a couple of squeezes in on that last panel.

Freya is lovely~ My little lesbian furry heart bleeds for her!
although I dont have deep pockets, I would totally buy it if I did.

If you find missiles to figures you don’t own anymore, sell them. I’m not saying that you should overcharge, just that you can. Just be sure to look around to see how much other sellers are twisting collectors’ arms.

Thomas’s way of thinking seems similar to The Adam Savage Method. “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”

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