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I like how Jolene’s armor keeps getting more and more dense.

I’m supposed to draw something for some kind of convention prize. something to do with the comic. The issues are as follows: I don’t draw much with real materials anymore, and I don’t know what people would want. These are RPG nerds, so that’s something to go on. What do you guys think? If I was drawing you a drawing what would you want? What would be a good signed image?


False confidence! Perfect for convincing your friends that you’ll be fine/

Warning: False confidence fades rapidly once the user is alone. May cause paranoia and jitters in the user and draw statements of “I told you so” (or it’s derivatives) from friends, family or co-workers. Not to be taken with alcohol or medication. Do not operate heavy machinery under the influence of False confidence.

RPG nerds would surely appreciate the cast of this comic in some “cosplay” clothes. For example, they play a tabletop RPG, but in the game itself they could be drawn as being those characters.

Drawing Carol in a Renaissance dress could also be a great sight!

Maybe Ed dressed as a dwarf, fighting alongside Thomas as a barbarian, in a battle against mike, who has been morphed into an ogre

I am assuming that you are drawing something unrelated to Between Failures, or at least that the only aspect of here involved is something of the nature: ‘this MacGuffin drawn by artist/author of popular webcomic Between Failures’. As such, no real need to get the cast here involved.

I know you have some console RPG experience, moreso than tabletop, so I’d draw from that if I were you. Maybe a short page-long strip, or something of that nature. I will say that I was running a game a few weeks back and the module I picked involved poison antidote needing to be brought back under a certain time limit and every time I had to re-state that to my players I flashed back to the night I had you playing in a similar scenario. And no, the situation never gets any less cliched…

Whatever you decide to draw, have fun with it.

Bah, and I read back something to do with the comic… Still, no idea exactly how much it’s supposed to drift into RPG territory. Personally, I’d have some of the ‘locals’ hanging out at the RPG section of the book area with some of the regular cast going about their regular tasks. And next time, make me read things all the way through before making an ass of myself via post. All self ass making should be done in person, with no time disparity or chance to rebut before someone else points it out.

Thank you, and I say you good day.

Jo, Carol and Nina dressed up as the badass group of adventurers you know they would be. Carol the barbarian or Paladin or something (always judging, our Carol), Jolene the Ranger, wizard or rogue (any would suit, really), and Nina the fighter. :)

I would like to proclaim that I too, am a responsidle adult as I also I have keys…valuable keys that protect important stuff in my possession!…

… I didn’t press enter. Bah. Embarrassed. Moving on!
Cute and boarder line risque, like the girls in pajamas having a pillow fight.

I’m pretty sure you have to draw a Hobbit version of Ed defeating an ogre version of Reggie, or something along those lines.

XD Ah, this page was hilarious. As for the answer… girls. That comes to mind right away, like most of the other responses. I think it’d carry more weight if it was your beloved characters, as opposed to something random by the guy who draws them, but that’s my 2 cents.

Of course, there’s bound to be a girl or two in the tournament who might win XD Maybe a joke strip about RPG nerds, or tabletop games then?

“I pay rents!

Rents, plural? Or is that webese, random pluralization (e.g., internets)?

Armor, aye. Layering — at least three — and her hat worn helmet-style. A cautious maiden is our Jolene. And cuter’n Hell, by the way, all bundled up so. Things that make you say, “Aww…”

I’m liking @Val‘s idea of Carol in Renaissance garb. Definitely NSFW, I’m thinking a laced-up bodice, long skirt. Somehow I think Her Grace Nina would look smashing in a Robin Hood type outfit — bow and quiver, sword, Peter Pan boots, feather in her cap, perhaps braids or a bun (or both — a braided bun). Our Miss Brooks would make the cutest thief ever. And yeah, you could put the guys in there too; whatever, whatever.


I really what Brooksie feels like in her layers of clothes. I used to do that a lot so people would ignore me but now I realize that the behavior is somewhat destructive. I mean I nearly passed out at Magic Mountain from heat stroke for wearing too many articles of clothing. It was kind of hard to let that protection go although it was kind of amusing to find out that my Professors didn’t know who I was if I did not have a baseball cap on.

Character pics! Characters together in one big happy family like picture! Characters doing stuff they would do out of work! Characters looking cool/sexy doing stuff they might not other wise do in the comic! All the characters in another setting!

Depends on the type of rpg they like. Cosplay of the girls, or a homage to a cover or scene would be good choices. Especially if it fit the character of the cast used in the scene.

Like renacting the opera from FF6, (Jolene would make an interesting Terra, Mike a funny Sabin and Carol in that dress Celes wore would probably make Thomas drool) or the characters from Capcom’s D&D arcade games.

If I could get any image, it would be Nurse Jolene checking the blood pressure of my Avatar…… But I doubt that would be much help for you. You could just keep a pen handy and draw requests, but quick sketches only.

And does Jolene own any clothing in her own size?

I suggest Thomas, shirtless, decapitating a giant werewolf with a woodcutter’s ax, while Carol presses herself up against a huge tree. In my imagination, Thomas is saving her from the monster. Carol would probably be skimpily clad.

“Carol the barbarian or Paladin or something (always judging, our Carol)”
May I suggest “The Inquisitor” prestige Class?

Actually a quick perusal of the books or a consultation with a DnD / Paladium geek will help place garb of appropriate type on each of the characters based on their personality type.

That hat gives +5 False Confidence.
I bet she meets someone at the….. the place where she’s gonna buy the camera.
I find it odd their store doesn’t carry them, does she need some special kind of camera?

She’s borrowing Ed’s camera. If you go back several pages, John inquires of it while making short people jokes.

And, Sir Crave, people love all sorts of stuff, sketchbook drawings, non-traditional garb and experimentations. If I were going to be at that convention, I’d suggest a sketch of Carol dressed up as Red Sonja, Nina as Galadriel, and Jolene as Yuffie, but since I’m not, just have some fun with it. And for the record I’m an RPG nerd, could even say I’m addicted to them.

Another alternative would be something like how the cast would be *as* gamers. Mike as a fumbling GM, Brooksie over the top in full RPG garb, etc. Maybe a second table with some of the guys playing a minis game with Reggie getting his butt kicked.

Third alternative is the cast in clothes from various genres: Fantasy, SF, etc.

Artwork that comes alive is better than artwork that proceeds half-heartedly from a con-artwork trope.

Quote”I’m supposed to draw something for some kind of convention prize. something to do with the comic. The issues are as follows: I don’t draw much with real materials anymore, and I don’t know what people would want. These are RPG nerds, so that’s something to go on. What do you guys think? If I was drawing you a drawing what would you want? What would be a good signed image?”

The Girls (center) dressed in rpg costumes and the guys staring with jaws dropped(around/flanking/behind).

I’d have to say I’d like to see the crew decked out as AD&D characters in gear… Reggie and his necromatic army of the undead (because no one with a brain would follow him, so~), Brooksie, the nimble thief with her backstab, making others feel alive with surprise… right up until they die. Thomas the bard, able to talk his way into and out of any and every argument, and leading the party in spirit, if not in command, who is allocated to the self-righteous paladin Carol, because she’s the servant of god (Well, she might just be the servant of her own whims, but I can’t see anyone arguing the point…).

Alternatively, as was suggested above, a drawing of the ladies of the comic in your usual skimpy RPG attire would almost certainly be a hit with those at the convention, as well as bearing the defense of “That’s how they dress!” to the nay-sayers of skimpy outfits~

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