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Man, it’s kind of a dick move to give you guys a little taste of Jo then go right back to these assclowns. I apologize. We’ll get back to her before too long anyway. Wes is, at long last, added to the cast page. I don’t think his entry is going to reveal anything a regular reader won’t already know, but it’s there none the less.

I got a new chair for cartooning in. Well, I mean, it’s a chair for any sitting activity really, but its express purpose is being used while drawing. My Mom got it for me for Valentine’s day. It’s for tall people, so it’s very unlike every other chair I’ve ever owned in that it actually fits my body. It’s leathery though, so if you sit in it very long it gets super hot and moist. Which is kind of like a timer. Once you start to get all rainforest you know it’s time to get up and stretch for a bit. Probably the grossest timer ever conceived. The downside of this new chair is that it spoils me for every other chair in my life. Now when I have to sit down in other places I feel like I’m being cheated a little.


Occasionally Reggie scares me so much it hurts. Then I realize he’s too accident prone to actually take over the world

And a fictional character. >.>

or maybe he is using the fictional character guise to fool us all and take over the world accidentially!!! <_<

panel 3 reggie looks like someone i want to punch. in the face. with my new claws. … in the face.

also i want to kick wes. i don’t know why. but that look on his face makes me want to kick him.

love the comic man!

My father got a nice leather computer chair that is so comfortable tat i outinely fall a lseeep while in it nice things is though t i dont heat up at all its a great shair if my desk wernt so crumby i would get a new chair myself but as it stands i gots me and old busted down chair for my old busted down desk

Reggie and his dialogue reminds me of El Hazard’s Jinnai. Except Reggie hasn’t shown himself prone to fits of maniacal laughter.

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