BFPG001 Hey, C’mon…

Guys, I’m still in the hospital. I might get released tomorrow, I might not. For now I have some very kindly done guest pages for you. Satellite09 drew these up. You can see his work over at Magical Girl Neil. There are a few of these that I know you will enjoy. I can’t stay upright for very long so I can’t give you a full status report. Thanks to all of you who commented and those who set up patreon pledges. At some point I’ll put up a straight up donation thing, but I can’t get it done from here. As of right now I’m in no immediate danger of death, although my blood pressure is fluctuating wildly when I stand. I can keep it together long enough to shower at least. Thank heaven for small favors. Anyway, I will hopefully be updating you from home next time, but that remains to be seen. Again, thanks for your support. It makes this shit way easier to take.


Well…the bedsheets are already a little damp…Who’s gonna notice?

Well, besides you of course…

Get better soon man! I’ve had heart problems in the recent past, so I know all about fluctuating blood pressure and not being able to maintain upright positions. I wish I had won that Victoria auction, but I hit my limit and got out-bid. Best wishes from Seattle!

First thought; get better soon Crave.

Second thought; what I wouldn’t give to be Jess in that situation (minus the toilet needs of course)

Take your time getting well, we can wait. The guest comics are entertaining and great filler. It’s interesting to see how other artists draw your characters.

We’ll wait patiently. I’ve read comics that went on break FOR YEARS!!!! but I was right back on it when it came back. I am not the only one. We will be here.

Also, low key. Start a regiment of light excercise. Take a walk. Take the Teen. Get your health together as a whole. We need you to write comics. If you’re in the hospital every other month….. well. A healthier you is just better for EVERYBODY.

Your comic is a real masterpiece. You’re an amazing artist and I would be honored to help you take care of your “family” (as you said on Twitter).
That’s the best part of internet : distance doesn’t exist.

I’ll check every day, twice a day, as long as it takes. I’m broke, but at least I can boost the traffic to your site. Get better dude. You’re worth waiting for.

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