1405 Colorful Horses.

The lion’s share of this page was completed in my hospital bed. It was very challenging. I honestly don’t know now what the future holds for the comic. I will run guest pages if I get them, black and white pages if I don’t. I will do my best to have something here at the time you expect for as long as I am physically capable.

Right now my blood pressure is all over the map. I don’t feel good. Generally i’m not in pain, but I feel broken on my insides. I can feel how not right things are and its very hard to focus. As far as the actual infection goes its likely gone. Now they are dealing with the damage it caused. There’s also the psychological damage to consider. Hospitals are not built for people my size and everything has this additional level of fuckery to endure. The bed bends me funny, I cant sleep, defecate, or urinate, in a normal way. I am beginning to come apart in every way. The staff is kind but they cant help me with a lot of what’s wrong.

If you’re friendly with any other creators feel free to ask for a guest page on my behalf. I’ve exhausted my pool. I will probably set up a donation link at some point for those of you who don’t want to deal with patreon.

I’m super sorry that I can’t do a better job for you guys. Knowing you are having a good experience is important to me. When I can’t do that it bothers me a lot more than you realize. Or maybe you do realize because I try so hard never to let you down. Either way, when the comic isn’t doing well, I can’t either. I know you guys say I should rest, but I only feel right when I work. When I can work I know I’m doing what I should be doing, and everything else goes away.

I can’t thank you guys enough for coming around to read my work. Even if I cant comment actively reading what you guys say makes me feel good. I appreciate that. Someday I’ll find a way to make it up to you.


I’m with everyone else. We want you to get better and we will all be here for you when you do.

Anyone that says your work is more important than you is welcome to take a long walk off a short pier. (Except you of course)

Hey, as a fellow reader, I just want you to know that I’m okay if you can’t work on the comic at the moment, I mean you’re in the hospital. It’s easy to see the passion that you put into your comic, and I will continue to look out for this comic even if you cannot post as often. There is nothing wrong with that you know! ^^ please, focus on getting better, and if you do decide to psot up a donation page, I would love to help. I appreciate the effort and care that you have for your readers! You are pretty amazing and inspiring~

You realize that for every reader who comments there are probably 1000 who do not. We do all still support you and look forward to your work each day, but understand when you just need a break… Oh, an I think you did a fine job.

first panel should be ‘your tongue’ not ‘you’re tongue’. I apologize if I offend, I am very pedantic. I love your comic and I hope you do not take this as an insult. I truly enjoy what you do here, I could not help but comment, sorry.

also please get better soon, all of my best wishes to you. I apologize for not mentioning this in my last comment.

I really appreciate all the work you’ve consistently put into the comic through the years. It’s been one of my dependable favorites for a long time.

Really hope you feel better soon.

dude, it’s ok to feel good when you work. it’s great even but right now your health should be your top priority. consider the vacation that you need to take as a good investment in the future of this comic

i cannot speak for the rest but i promise i will not stop reading your work no matter when it comes back. and i have a strong suspicion i am not the only one

We’ll wait patiently. I’ve read comics that went on break FOR YEARS!!!! but I was right back on it when it came back. I am not the only one. We will be here.

Damn man. I wish there was something more significant I could do for you.

People like you. It’s not only about the comic, as compelling as it is. What I want more than regular updates is for you to be well and, as unreasonable as it may be, happy. Be well and happy. If that means working on comics from a hospital bed, do that thing. If rest is what you need do that thing. I will be sticking around. :)

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