1335 Yiff In Hell.

Yeah, I was pretty suck this morning. Some kind of weird ass flu that attacked my spine, making it excruciating to lay down while making it impossible not to. It was amazingly shitty. I’m still sore and tired, but I can sit in my chair, so That’s what I’m doing. I still want to lay down, but I’ve reached that point where you’ve been lying down so long that it comes back around on you and makes you feel even worse. I managed to avoid vomiting all day. It had nothing to work with since I woke up ill and I think that helped me win out faster. I would have been totally destroyed if I had been heaving all day. I’ll tell you this though, I really wish I had something to prop myself up on in this chair. XD

Since I’ve been under the weather today I don’t have much to report, but I would like to take a moment to than you all for stopping by. Even if you aren’t super dedicated I still appreciate people coming to read the comic. And those of you who are super dedicated, well I appreciate you even more. I very much look forward to your comments and am glad that you guys are almost always civil to one another. Without you all there wouldn’t be much point in me sticking with this thing, so thanks for last year and I hope you stick around for this one too. As for you patrons, you guys are the elite. You put your money on the line and I hope I can continue to improve your experience. I’m going to try and upgrade some stuff, so I hope you guys enjoy it when I get it done. You guys have really helped me get through these hard times with the Teen and everything. So, again, I thank you sincerely.


The most ironic thing about irony is that it has been so overused that irony doesn’t feel all that ironic anymore.

I assume the overuse of iron* is an intentional mirroring of the overuse? It doesn’t seem like a compositional error that didn’t get ironed out …

BTW: I may have to steel this ;-)

Irony, when complemented by a witty sense of humor, can be quite entertaining.

I.E. if Pamela Anderson were to side with Gloria Allred’s belief that “women shouldn’t be treated as a means to an end”, when the former has been the easiest means to a certain end (hehe).

I in turn would like to thank you for the, in my opinion, professional manner that you treat your comic with. Your updates are (with rare exception) regular and punctual, even on days when you obviously feel like total garbage either physically or mentally. it takes dedication to not simply put up some filler fodder, if anything at all and state that the comic will resume when you damn well please. Plus, you acknowledge your readers, which is such an important facet of the medium. For all this, I wish you a fruitful and healthy new year.

Hey Jackie,

I talk to you on FB sometimes, but I’m sorry that I never really comment. Your comics mean a lot to me and I thank you for your dedication even in sickness. I hope you feel better soon; you deserve to :)

We should be the one thanking you Crave, if your comic wasn’t so enjoyable we wouldn’t be here. It’s one of the first comics I check and the only I actively comment on. It’s always a good read, has relatable characters and usually witty when it’s not getting you in the feels.

Hope you beat this flu like an ace and have a happy new year.

Your ass got a weird flu? And it was so bad that it affected your spine?… Man 2015 is off to a weird start.

This is the strangest sickness I’ve had in a long time. I go from burning hot to totally freezing, my body feels like it weighs more than it actually does. I almost got stuck in the bathtub because I managed to get in then didn’t have the strength to get back out. The edge of the tub has never looked taller than it did then…

I am sorry you are sick, and I hope you feel better.

Today’s comic is a delight.

I hope making these is not too taxing when you are ill. :(

I can usually make a comic even when I’m sick, since it’s just sitting and moving my arms, but this flu really kicked my ass. I can do about 15 minutes then I have to lay down. The problem with that is that staying in bed too much gives me a headache, which makes it almost impossible to work. It’s lame. Working is usually what makes me feel better, so not getting to irritates me.

As I was visiting the comic today, I was just thinking, “Man, Jackie updates a lot. Pretty impressive.” The fact that you’re still updating while feeling so shitty is even more impressive. Your dedication is inspiring.

I have a real problem with cartoonists who don’t take their work seriously. Not so much if they aren’t making money, but if you’re getting hundreds of dollars a day to fart out a cartoon you better bring your A game every time. Patreon just makes me want to work harder because that’s people paying me directly to bring them a product they want. Not doing my best would be an insult to them. Artists are taught from the day they identify as one that they are beautiful, unique, snowflakes that are allowed to be flighty and emotional, and work only when they feel like it. That is total bullshit, and a lot of the reason why most artist fail. Of course it works out for me because my work ethic helps make up for skills I lack. I never stop trying to bring the best work I can.

but don’t go overboard with that. That occurred with the creator of Goblins who acquired a load of anxiety attacks/issues because of his need to be completely perfect with his work.

You may want to hyphen your commentary.
I did a double-take when I read: “weird ass flu” as “weird ass-flu”, not “weird-ass flu”. I guess I can blame XKCD #37.

I don’t mean to get all nit-picky + stuff, but I guess the furries mean: that Rusty makes fun of the porn theater patrons’ habits?

Has Nina been kidnapped or something?

She’s in the land of John finally gets his own story don’t screw it up for him FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

XD Don’t worry, she’s safe. She’s probably at home writing erotic fan fiction.

I miss her too, but I am not going to lie, I really like this john arc and maddie is interesting and I like alex too. John got shafted for a long while, so its cool to give him some space~ nina will be back just as adorable as we all remember. With air soft.

So of course I’m away from the comic on posting day for the first time in ages and THAT’s when you get all sweet on us. Aaaw. :)

Well, you and your prolifically updated comic of fun are much appreciated even if us poor people can’t show it very well. I hope you and The Teen are soon fit as fiddles.

Not that you will see this at such a late date… :(

Just found you yesterday and spent literally the entire day and almost the whole night catching up. Love the whole concept! You have a new fan.

I always enjoy your comic. The cast is very likeable, even the not so lovable characters, and the overall plot is something I can relate to. I also like the fact that you put in the work to consistently update on time; so many comics I read are consistently late and that’s just annoying especially as most of them earn decent money.

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