1333 Unforgettable.

Hopefully, by the time you read these words, I will be back on track as far as pages go and chugging along like normal. If not then I’ll be as close as makes no difference. Hopefully I’ll have a story update for patrons up by Wednesday. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I really need to do something about being able to write while on the move, but that’s a problem for later.

I got a streetpass from a Fire Emblem player that was actually dangerous. I can’t even remember the last time I ran across a team with high level skills clearly chosen with battle tactics in mind. A few had counter, a couple had gale force, and all of them had stats that stopped all but my fastest team members from getting two hits in per turn. I had to actually plan my moves for a change. I hope they found my team challenging as well.

The street pass town in my Animal Crossing game is finally full after, what? 3 years? At least two if not 3. Not a lot of them have been dedicated players. Most of the time it’s either someone who bought the game and apparently had no idea what the point of it was, or someone who just started a few days ago. (and who I suspect never came back…) There have been a handful of people with fully realized mansions though. One has a My Little Pony theme (Rarity), which was neat. Some of the mid level houses clearly had a goal in mind that hadn’t been realized. I got some really good ideas from on of the new houses like that. Some sets I had never thought to combine, but look really amazing together. I think that a game like Animal Crossing really lets you look into the mind of the person playing it. It’s a shame you can’t contact people you streetpass with. (although I understand why that could be potentially awful too…)

The Teen went to visit her mother today, so I don’t know if she’ll be home in time to post, or if she’ll want to at all. I’m guessing not at all, but if she mentions it I’ll let her.

I got a capture card for Xmas, but I don’t have anything to save the files to at the moment AND I’m not sure what to do with it just yet. I think It would be fun to record the Teen playing scary games, because she’s a total puss and listening to her scream and give up is funny. I’m not sure if there’s a market for videos that short though…


Does Maddi’s name had any special meaning like Lincoln and Boothe’s?

Hm. Maybe Jackie named her after a woman who likes Mani-Pedis. Jk. :D

Maybe that made no sense. Just in my mind, a name like, Maddisonie, sounds a lot like, Mani-pedi. Heck, I was punchy + up too late when I came up with the idea. C’est la vie, and all that. *shrugs*

Maddison is pretty damn cute I gotta say. Though this whole arc at the library could be interesting. Also, in regards to the comments part, I just got Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS for Christmas, so damn behind, but oh well.

That’s an interesting, confused look that Reggie has.

Maybe his thoughts are secretly wondering if: hanging around the cute-happy-positive, yet slightly eccentric-Maddie, might be a fun thing to do. Hm.

Could it be? Will both the dark-haired boys from the store go home with chubby chicks on their arms? Awww…

Or will an intra-furry-fandom fight break out between Alex and Bridgette? Stay tuned, America!

I just caught up to date after reading from the beginning. This is an amazing comic, probably one of my favorites. Best for story telling. I love it so much .

Got to the last panel and immediately forgot Maddisons name. I felt preeeeetty dumb lemmie tell ya.

I actually forget people’s names the moment after they tell me all the time. Then I call them guy, or dude, from then on. Hopefully they say their name again before I’ve called them buddy for a decade.

Remembering names is overrated. For a few months I called people I worked with by their most prominent trait. Hey, big hair. I have a problem, can you help me with it, Ugly Tie.
Unfortunately, it quickly devolved to the point where I yelled out, “Hey, moron, get over here,” and half my coworkers showed up…

I can’t remember peoples’ names half the time, but I’ll recognize their pickup at 200 yards. Problem is, everybody remembers my name. So when they say,”Hi (insert name here), I say,” Oh, Hi!….There- how’ve you been. (according to spell-check, I just created a new contraction there)

Ooooohhhhhhh am I the only one sensing an attitude coming from Reggie? Boy bye, the girl you like can’t stand you, be polite without the rudeness.

My sister and I spent hours decorating the apartment in Kirby’s Epic Yarn for christmas like 3 years ago. I think I might actually redownload Animal Crossing just for the decorating.

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